Yellow Kite lands Bates’ ‘powerful’ third book

Yellow Kite has secured Yoga saved my life, the third book by psychotherapist Sasha Bates.

Liz Gough, executive editor at Yellow Kite and Hodder Lifestyle, has acquired worldwide English rights to Jane Graham Maw from Graham Maw Christie’s agency. The book is set to be released in hardcover on June 9, 2022.

Since first turning to yoga to cope with the stresses of a busy media career, Bates has trained as a yoga teacher and psychotherapist, teaching yoga at businesses, studios and gymnasiums and working as a psychotherapist within the NHS and higher education institutions. Bates now runs his own private psychotherapeutic practice and has received training in trauma-informed yoga, a specific form of yoga designed to help people with post-traumatic stress and complex trauma.

Yoga saved my life “will help readers realize how powerful yoga can be in transforming their daily lives and how, like therapy, it provides ways to work with the automatic habits that hold us back.”

The editor wrote: “[Bates] emphasizes that yoga has value for everyone and can offer relief to people struggling with the big issues and concerns that many of us face today – anxiety, stress, depression, anger conflict, addiction , uncertainty, loneliness. The book will help readers develop self-awareness and find ways to improve their relationships with themselves and others. Basically, it emphasizes that while we may come to yoga for health, we must stay for healing.

Gough said: “I have been interested in the increase in the number of people who are turning to yoga for much more than the physical experience, but also as a tool for healing, to overcome emotional issues and for well-being. mental, so I’m glad I found this book from an existing Yellow Kite author. Sasha is a wonderful writer, with years of experience teaching yoga and a specialization in using yoga to overcome traumatic experiences. She has an instinctive gift for knowing what her readers want and need to hear, and the book is extremely motivating and powerful.

Bates added, “I used to find the slightly esoteric language used by yoga teachers quite alienating, but mapping the concepts to the world of psychotherapy made more sense to me. It’s so upsetting when people see yoga as just another form of exercise, or think they have to be a certain body shape or size to be able to try it. Yoga is for everyone – it doesn’t matter whether you can touch your toes or wear lycra leggings, it’s about learning how to get in touch with yourself in a kinder and more understanding way .

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