Why this $ 40 knife set is a must have for every novice kitchen

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Whether you’re new to cooking or a seasoned chef, your kitchen should be equipped with a good skillet, Dutch oven, and a set of razor sharp knives. You could spend a small fortune on quality kitchen blades and utensils, but you don’t have to.

The Cuisinart Advantage Ceramic Knife Set doesn’t sacrifice performance for its $ 40 price tag. It comes with everything you need to slice, dice, mash and julienne like a real pro, including 8 inch chef’s knife, 8 inch slicing knife, 8 serrated bread knife inch, 7 inch santoku knife, 6.5 inch utility knife, and 3.5 inch paring knife, each with plastic coating for safer storage.


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The blades are made of stainless steel making them very durable and better suited for cutting very wet foods, with a non-stick ceramic coating for easy cleaning. Which, moreover, you should always do by hand. “Don’t put knives in the dishwasher because dishwashers are often too abrasive and will eventually rust and degrade the knife,” William Eick, chef-owner of Naegi and Matsu, told Well + Good.

The knives are color coded to help reduce cross contamination and the plastic handles provide good control and comfort, meaning you can prepare food faster. Each knife has a fine edge which makes it easier to cut. (Dull knives are dangerous, so be sure to sharpen yours regularly.) They’re also lightweight, which makes them a lot easier to control, especially if you’re a beginner.

“They’re so sharp they glide easily through anything,” commented one reviewer. “I really enjoy preparing food now and look forward to using it every day. At first I wasn’t sure what colors the rainbow is, but it really makes it easy to find them and know which one to use. “

For seasoned chefs and casual cooks, the Advantage Ceramic Knife Set doesn’t disappoint.

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