Why Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers deserve each other

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers deserve each other, but it has nothing to do with love or romance in Scott Pilgrim Against the World.

Scott Pilgrim vs the world is a movie directed by Edgar Wright and based on the Scott pilgrim Bryan Lee O’Malley comic book series. The story follows the protagonist, Scott, who must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven mischievous exes if he is to continue dating her. Most of the main characters are in their mid-twenties, and the books and the movie are a fun coming-of-age story full of overblown video game references.

On first viewing, Scott and his new girlfriend Ramona might come across as an ideal match. Scott is clearly infatuated with Ramona from the moment he first sees her, and Ramona is definitely cool enough to follow Scott’s aspirations to make his band famous. The two also seem to get along pretty well and have enough chemistry to keep their relationship going when they first officially meet. However, watching the Edgar Wright movie and re-reading the comics as an adult is a whole different experience than following the story as a child, teenager, or even young adult.

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The reality is that Scott and Ramona are both terrible people. They both treat their partners horribly and as they get together they begin to realize how toxic they both are and learn to be better people. This is explored a lot more in the comics than the movie, which makes the character development in Scott Pilgrim vs the world rather missing.

Scott is clearly a bad person in the movie. He dated Knives, a 17-year-old high school student when he was 22 and essentially drives her using her as a bounce after his breakup with Envy Adams. He then starts chasing Ramona and kisses her while he’s still officially dating Knives, cheating on her, or as Ramona says in the movie, he “cheated on us both”.

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Scott also stalks Ramona and pushes her to date him when she is clearly not ready to enter another romantic relationship, as she is still recovering from her breakup with Gideon Graves. When Nega Scott confronts him in the movie, it is revealed that Nega Scott is actually a very nice person – it’s because he’s the opposite of ordinary Scott and ordinary Scott is a bad person.

While Scott’s flaws are much clearer – which is to be expected since he’s the main character – Ramona’s flaws are definitely toned down in the film. In the comics, it’s emphasized how Ramona cheats on her exes and jumps from town to town to escape her past. This can be seen with her relationship with Lucas Lee and Todd Ingram and potentially her relationship with the Katayanagi twins, as mentioned both in the movie and in the books that she dated the two at the same time.

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Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Comic Flashback Movies

However, a moment from the books that didn’t make it into the movie is a chapter where Scott and Ramona get into a fight, and Ramona ends up cheating on Scott with Roxie Richter. Although the two apparently only kiss, it’s definitely a bad thing to do and still counts as cheating.

One of the main reasons Ramona appears to be a better person in the film compared to Scott is that all of his mistakes and bad behavior are left in the past, as Scott continually ruins his relationships during the events of the film. The scene where Gideon uses mind control on Ramona and Scott reveals that he was cheating on Knives with her also makes her look like a victim. Ramona was obviously a bad person in the comics as she cheated and didn’t respect others at the same time as Scott.

Scott and Ramona deserve each other because they’re both horrible people. That’s the main message of the comic book series – two terrible people come together and finally realize how bad they are by mirroring each other’s behavior, then grow up and promise to do better in the future. While this ending is somewhat reflected in the film, it doesn’t fully capture the moral of the story in the original comics. One could argue that Scott Pilgrim vs the world isn’t a completely faithful adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s story as a result of this, and, as many fans have already claimed, the books were definitely better.

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