Why Daniel Craig got paid so much for the Knives Out sequels

Daniel Craig is the highest paid actor of 2021 for appearing in Netflix’s Knives Out sequels. Why did the streamer spend so much money?

Daniel Craig is officially the highest-paid actor of 2021 due to his record-breaking deal with Netflix to star in two sequels to the mysterious comedic hit Knives Out. The actor’s salary represents a new era of streaming entertainment, which can now directly compete with theatrical releases using franchise recognition and star power. In a new era of movies that sees big-name properties go straight to streaming, actors like Craig are required to build contracts differently for higher upfront payments.

Streaming may appear to be a less lucrative business for actors playing direct releases on a digital platform due to a lack of return profits from box office revenue; However, recent Netflix contract negotiations have proven that the streamer is willing to fork out huge sums of money to negotiate production funds that include insanely high salaries. Ryan Gosling reportedly earns $ 20million to star in upcoming thriller The gray man, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, and Dwayne Johnson received $ 50 million for his roles as an actor and producer of Red Notice.

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Daniel Craig, however, exceeds all of these prices, as the James bond the star would have made a sum of 100 million dollars to reprise his role as detective Benoit Blanc in the two planned Knives Out suites. The first of these entries is set to present a whole new mystery with an all-new cast including Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monae and Kathryn Hahn. White is the only returning character in the original story, marking Craig’s importance to the franchise as a central piece that connects the films. Little is known about the third film other than that Craig is also present in this one, but it looks like the series will be a mysterious anthology tied to White Detective.

Benoit Blanc pontificates again, cigar in hand.

The growing dominance of streaming means that actors like Craig can negotiate higher upfront payouts due to a lack of box office profits of which they would normally have earned a percentage. On the one hand, it could mean less overall returns, which is why Scarlett Johansson pushed back Black Widowthe PVOD release from on Disney +. On the other hand, the new state of affairs means that actors can demand money that they would otherwise earn from selling theater tickets. The original Knives Out grossed $ 311 million worldwide, so a salary of $ 100 million for two films is still a high percentage of the hypothetical box office gross.

Craig’s salary is just one part of Netflix’s massive deal that cemented the streamer’s exclusive rights to wanted content. At first it seemed that the Knives Out The sequel would have a theatrical release when Lionsgate announced a sequel in February 2020 with the return of writer and director Rian Johnson. However, in a heated bidding war that included Lionsgate, Apple and Amazon, Netflix grabbed the property for a staggering $ 469 million, knocking its competitors out of the water. It’s even hard to think of how Netflix, which doesn’t even have the ability to collect movie revenue, could justify such spending. Yet in today’s rapidly changing world of film distribution, unprecedented financial movements like these are inevitable.

There is a strong point to be made that Netflix is ​​also benefiting from Craig’s Price. As the streaming war rages on, Netflix seeks to establish its own movie franchises to compete with Disney + ‘s intellectual property, Warner Bros.’ HBO Max and Peacock from NBCUniversal. Audiences have more reasons to sign up for Netflix instead of heading to their local theaters if there is new content related to a critically and financially successful film that they initially saw on the big screen. Daniel Craig’s presence only reinforces audiences’ expectations that Netflix can deliver another solidly popular chapter in cinematic history that is Knives Out.

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