Whole Foods Names Five Plant-Based Trend Predictions | 05/26/2021

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Creamy Cashew Dips and Seafood Substitutes are at the top of the list of plant-based trends forecast compiled by Whole Foods Market. The grocery retailer has harnessed the industry knowledge and sourcing expertise of its members to identify brands and products to watch this summer and beyond, citing recent data from the Hartman Group indicating that close half of consumers look for products labeled as “herbal”.

“Herbal is the grocery category to watch right now, as brands continue to innovate using new ingredients and processes that make herbal products exciting for shoppers,” said Parker Brody. , Senior Herbal Products Category Merchant at Whole Foods Market. “And in the laid back days of summer, we find that customers break out of their routine and are more open to trying something new, whether they are longtime vegans or are just starting to experience it. plant-based diet. So, expect to see gourmet plant-based cheese substitutes on picnics and banana blossom fish substitutes on the grill this season.

Gourmet cheese alternatives, made with nut-based milks and ingredients such as black garlic truffle, Havarti dill and chives, add a vegetal touch to charcuterie boards and picnic baskets . Some products are created using traditional cheese-making methods, offering more authentic textures and flavors. Examples stocked on the shelves of Whole Foods include Miyoko’s Creamery Semi-Firm English Farm Smoked & Semi-Soft Classic Double Cream Chives, Tender French Walnut Cheese with Sea Salt & Treeline Pepper & Cheese Spread with Garlic and Herbs from Kite Hill.

Vegetable barbecue-ready options like hot dogs and Italian-style sausage could hit more grills this year. Algae-based casing and hickory Smoke concentrate is one of the ingredients incorporated into the new mainstays of meatless cooking, including Field Roast Stadium Dog, Upton’s Naturals Updog Vegan Hot Dog and BBQ Jackfruit, Lightlife Plant-Based Italian Sausages.

Brands are reinventing kid-friendly classics like nuggets and popsicles, with herbal formulations for picky eaters. Non-dairy offerings include Ripple Kids Non-Dairy Milk, Miyoko’s Creamery Plant-Based Milk Cheddar Sticks, and Kite Hill Kids Coconut Milk & Strawberry Yogurt Tubes. The retailer also offers plant-based nuggets under its 365 by Whole Foods Market brand.

The seafood category is full of alternatives, with mushrooms, legumes, and banana blossoms to recreate things like fish fingers, canned tuna, and scallops. Whole Foods offers Good Catch Fish-Free Tuna, made with Beans and Lentils, and Upton’s Naturals Banana Blossom, which is a Southeast Asian flower with a flaky, fish-like texture.

New plant-based dips bring traditional dairy flavors, such as ranch, queso and tzatziki, and a buttery texture to bagels, sandwiches, vegetables and more. Whole Foods highlighted examples such as Kite Hill Dairy Free Dips, Siete Dairy Free Cashew Queso, and Bitchin ‘Sauce Cilantro Chili Dip.

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