What Damon and Affleck Learned from the Goodwill Hunting

Matt Damon explains how he and Ben Affleck learned about the success of Good Will Hunting while writing Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, The Last Duel.

Actor and writer Matt Damon discussed what he and Ben Affleck learned while writing the 1997 film, Goodwill hunting, and how it helped them write their next movie, The last duel. Realized by Gladiator and Prometheus author, Ridley Scott, The last duel is based on the novel by Eric Jager. The film follows a 14th-century French knight, Jean de Carrouges (Damon), as he challenges his best friend and squire, Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), to a combat trial for the rape of his wife Marguerite de Carrouges. (Jodie Comer). The true story depicts the last legally sanctioned duel in medieval France during the reign of King Charles VI (played here by Alex Lowther).

In addition to staring in the film, close friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got together to write the screenplay, for their first writing collaboration since. Goodwill hunting. The 1997 film won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay as both actors were only in their mid-twenties. The hit drama, which also starred Robin Williams, helped launch the two into stardom. Since then, the couple have mainly focused on the game as they quickly became household names, although Affleck’s efforts as a screenwriter on his own directorial endeavors, party baby party and The city, were well received. Ridley Scott’s historic new epic sees the return of the writing partnership, alongside screenwriter Nicole Holofcener.

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In a 20th century workshops press conference, Damon was asked what he and Affleck learned from Goodwill hunting, and the actor-writer explained their slight fear of writing. Damon discusses the pair’s tedious work ethic, as their inexperience led to thousands of unused pages being removed from the final script. He goes on to say that the 25-year career they have since had in the film industry has helped them learn how to structure a creative process. Damon also praises Holofcener, which he describes as “amazing writer, for helping them write the screenplay. The collaborating writer, who was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2019 for Can you ever forgive me?, was a valuable asset to the team. Read what Damon said below:

“I don’t know. That’s a really good question. I think we were a little scared to write. Because we were so ineffective. It took so long the first time we did it because we did. didn’t know what we were doing. And it took us, literally, years. And we wrote thousands and thousands of pages that we basically squeezed into a 130 page script. But I think. just making movies for 25 years, just a little bit by osmosis, we figured out the structure. So it turned out to be really effective, the process. And asking an amazing writer like Nicole to come and help us was also a very good idea, it certainly streamlined the process.

Damon and Affleck’s return to writing is eagerly awaited. The pair skyrocketed in the industry when Goodwill hunting stormed the awards scene in the late 1990s, and their subsequent long careers as Hollywood heavyweights this time around brought years of experience to the table. Many elements are different in this process from their initial effort. The film is a book adaptation with a significant creative budget and a much less modern and relevant subject matter, although the writers can bring the sensibility and weight that earned it. Goodwill hunting his defining moments in this historical drama.

The chances of The last duel being an award nominee is heavily stacked in favor of the film. Alongside the trio of talented screenwriters are a star cast of prestigious actors, including two-time Oscar nominee Adam Driver and Emmy winner Jodie Comer. What critics and audiences do with the finished film remains to be seen, although the long-awaited return of Damon and Affleck scriptwriting promises to be an exciting effort.

The last duel hits theaters October 15.

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  • The Last Duel (2021)Release date: October 15, 2021

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