What About Bob – Experiences Along the Junk Jaunt, a Nebraska Treat | Opinion

By Bob Sautter, Director of the York County Visitors Bureau

We quickly came to the conclusion this weekend that Junk Jaunt lives up to its name. This was the first real trip along the 300 mile loop I have ever done. Friends Lora and Jean convinced me that I needed a weekend to accompany them, see sites and spend money. I should have guessed because Lora loves to turn these trips into a shopping competition between the two of us. I usually win because I make her ashamed of buying things that she doesn’t really need, even though she tries her best to do the same to me.

Starting Friday in Cairo, we found homemade kolache and baklava and Virginia cherry syrup for Sister Susan. From there we took our time, venturing north from Dannebrog to Elbe where we found a small convenience store selling pork loin, sauerkraut and dumpling dinners and more kolache, this time with seeds from poppy, which is my favorite.

Stops were made at Cotesfield, Scotia and North Loup. Scotia is my father’s family hometown, so it was like going back to basics seeing my uncles and aunts’ homes, the now closed library that my Aunt Tress (who was deaf, so she never knew when someone was talking too loudly) ran forever, Uncle Rabbit’s lapidary shop (he had big, long ears) and the railway bridge from which we fished. Stops were made at Ord, Burwell and Taylor before meeting up at Broken Bow for our night after buying some more kolache.

On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Tumbleweed, a longtime Broken Bow staple. Visiting with two couples sitting next to us, we found out that they were from Aurora. I thanked them for not overstating Friday night’s unbalanced football score when I mentioned I was from York. One of the guys at the table was my age and we both remembered Tom Kropp’s heyday. As we were leaving I noticed York Peppermint Patties on the counter so I bought four of them and handed them out, telling them I forgive them, had no resentment for the beating and that I shared a good laugh.

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