West Virginia Offers Gun, Truck and Hunting Licenses in Covid-Shot Competition

On June 1, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced the state’s latest move to encourage people to get vaccinated for the first time against covid. It is aimed squarely at people who love the outdoors. In a 15-minute presentation that included a slide of the Bird of Justice dog, Lilly, (previously Justice’s Bulldog Babydog had been the face of his covid vaccine program) and photos of himself fishing at fly, the governor announced an eligible design to anyone who has received at least one injection of the covid vaccine. There is a grand prize of $ 1,000,000 which is enough money to grab everyone’s attention, but it’s the other prizes that might convince more hunters and anglers that it is time to roll up their sleeves.

Between June 20 and August 4, the state will be holding weekly raffles to offer two Ford F-150 pickup trucks with Rocky Ridge lift kits; five lifetime hunting and fishing licenses; 25 West Virginia State Parks Weekend Getaways; and 10 custom rifles and shotguns. At his press conference, Justice predicted a vaccine race once prices were announced. “You could win something that would be phenomenal. But with all of this, you have to get your first shot; you need to get vaccinated and get vaccinated for the first time, ”he said.

The prizes will be paid with the remaining federal funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and Justice hopes the program will encourage many more West Virginia people to get vaccinated before schools open in the country. autumn. The West Virginia program is not the first to target shooters and hunters. When the State of Illinois set up a two-day mobile vaccination clinic at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Ill., Everyone who got vaccinated was given a choice of four free trap rounds or of skeet, or a set of 100 clay sport targets.

West Virginia’s announcement of offering guns as a prize has already sparked knee-jerk reactions on Twitter about the state encouraging gun violence by handing out 10 guns. In his video statement, the Governor of Justice makes it clear that the weapons are custom shotguns and shotguns, and while the exact models have not been named, it seems safe to say that justice knows this. what a shotgun. According to his biography, the man shot 73 grouse in West Virginia over his setter, Lilly, in 2016. That’s a lot of grouse wherever you hunt them.

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