Washington postpones wood grouse hunting season

Washington Wood Grouse Hunting Season
Credit: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

SPOKANE, Wash.– Watch out, wood grouse hunters, this year’s season is delayed in Washington.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said that instead of starting on September 1 as usual, it will open on September 15. The good news is that the season will be extended until January 15, 2022, instead of ending on December 31. The best news is that by pushing back the end date, another day has been added to the season.

The reason for the change of season is to reduce the harvest of breeding-age hens, which will ultimately increase the availability of wood grouse for hunters in the future. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said statistics show that over the past 40 years there has been a decline in the number of forest grouse harvested. One of the most significant impacts on the bird population is that early season hunting in the first half of September exposes breeding females to a higher risk of harvest.

Washington is home to four species of wood grouse, with at least one species in each county.

You can read more about the forest grouse hunting season changes here.

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