Waco Police Sergeant Goes Knife Making at Starr Shank Store | Local News

Starr also made a sheath for O’Connor’s knife, which he wears horizontally on his belt.

Starr, a drug unit sergeant, said he also carried one of his knives in a horizontal sheath, making it undetectable.

“When I was in uniform as a young officer, I and a couple of other officers who also loved knives saw who could wear the most on our uniforms,” Starr said. “I had eight of them on me at a time. I had them hidden all over the place. Another guy would have roughly the same or more. We were always looking for unique knives that we could hide. We always carried knives. “

Starr scavenges hard carbon steel wherever he can find it. He also buys blade steel from different companies, but said he made knives from farrier rasps, heavy duty files, old farm tools, and whatever else he says would do.

He has a number of large devices that help him with his craft, including a propane forge to heat metal so it can shape it and high speed grinders to shape the edge and sharpen it. .

He shapes the handles of the custom blades from all kinds of wood, but says he also made them from construction paper, hay, blue jeans, camouflage fabric, and burlap after he got them. soaked in a special solution.

“If it absorbs the liquid, you can make a handful with anything,” he said.

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