Usman Buzdar announces property rights for slum dwellers

LAHORE: Acting Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has announced giving property rights to the people of katchi abadis in the province.

In a statement released here on Tuesday, the CM revealed that the Board of Revenue had been instructed to take the necessary action without delay. This decision would benefit hundreds and thousands of these residents, he argued and added that it is a continuation of the PTI-led government’s continued efforts to improve the standard of living of the common man in the over the past three and a half years.

TAKES OPINION: Acting Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has expressed deep sorrow and grief over the death of a child and a young person due to kite flying in two incidents.

A child died due to the winding of a kite string in Sialkot. A youth has died after coming into close contact with chemical string hanging from an electrical wire in the city. The CM expressed its deep sympathy and sorrow to the heirs of the deceased child. He became aware of the incident and requested a report from RPO Gujranwala. The CM ordered that strict action be taken against those responsible for this negligence and that strict implementation of the kite law be observed. The CM requested a report from CCPO Lahore. Usman Buzdar ordered strict action against those found responsible for negligence and led a zero-tolerance policy against kite flying. The CM asserted that kite flying incidents are not tolerable at any cost and that effective measures must be taken to control kite flying incidents in the future.

SACM: A spokesperson for the CM office said that Aleem Khan made baseless and fabricated allegations against Buzdar’s government and that there was no reality in such allegations.

He said assignments and transfers were made only on merit in Punjab. The spokesperson clarified that Farah Khan had no role in assignments, transfers and contracts, adding that Aleem Khan should be ashamed of himself for launching such concocted allegations. He disclosed that transfers and assignments are done in Punjab considering only professional ability and merit.

The spokesperson revealed that Usman Buzdar has not interfered in the issue of postings and transfers until today. He denounced that those who engage in haggling and still do so have been fully exposed before the nation and those who engage in monetary policy have also been exposed before the masses. CM Usman Buzdar is honest to the core and reserves the right to take legal action against those who make baseless allegations against him, the spokesperson said.

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