TSA at Louis Armstrong International Airport took away 115 guns in 2021

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – One thing that is sure to slow you down at Louis Armstrong International Airport is if you or another traveler is bringing a prohibited item.

“Before you line up, check your pockets and think about what’s in your suitcase,” TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz said.

During the peak holiday season, they see more than 20,000 people per week, which means around 50,000 pieces of luggage between checked baggage and carry-on baggage. TSA officers must make sure there is no threat in these bags. TSA agents took away hundreds of dangerous items every week.

“Knives, pocket knives, brass knuckles, martial arts tools and anything that is sharp and can be used as a baton,” she said.

“To date, our officers have arrested 115 guns here, double what we’ve had in the past two years,” Koshetz said.

Of the 115 rifles carried, 100 were loaded.

“We just have to be careful. Please do not bring your guns to a federal checkpoint.

“We want everyone to have a safe holiday season. Say thank you to the TSA agents because the person next to you didn’t have one of these items because of these agents, ”she said.

If you are traveling within the country, they recommend that you show up two hours before your flight, and if you are traveling abroad, three hours. It is also important to remember that there is a mask warrant here in place at the airport. If you are caught not wearing a mask, the first offense is a fine of $ 1,000 and the second offense is a fine of $ 3,000.

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