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January 6, 1841: The Whig reported news of a recent wedding that had taken place. “Last Tuesday, by the Rev. John W. Cunningham, Dr James Patton, to Miss Sarah Barkley, daughter of Dan’l Barkley, Esq., Of this county.”

The Whig was a newspaper published in Jonesborough, spelled as such in 1841.

January 6, 1893: The Evening Republic reported some interesting news with a date from Johnson City. “Several months ago, a stranger stole a horse from Mr. Charles Baker in Carter County (sic), Tenn. The thief was located in Lenoir, North Carolina, and identified as Lewis Carter. Deputy Sheriff Miller, of Caldwell, chased him and caught up with him about five miles from Lenoir.

“The thief has left for the woods. Miller followed. Carter walked past behind a tree and as Miller passed, opened fire on him with a gun, killing him almost instantly. Carter was captured in Limestone, Tennessee on Tuesday night and taken to Lenoir County Jail, NC. It is unlikely that he will ever live to stand trial for his crime.

Lenoir, North Carolina, is approximately 77 miles from Johnson City.

The Evening Republic was a newspaper published in Columbus, Indiana; it is now published under the title La République.

January 6, 1897: One hundred and twenty-five years ago today, the Herald and Tribune published several interesting stories. Readers learned that “Mayor Britton has been very ill with the flu over the past week. “

“The Chancellery Tribunal met at this location last Monday. Judge John P. Smith on the bench.

“JM Fink, who was confined in the chamber for about a week with the handle, was out yesterday.”

Ms. Mary Epps and the children returned home Friday after a week-long visit to Johnson City.

Finally, readers learned of the existence of a lost cow. “Lost – A cash cow, red sides, white back and face, spotted neck, right hip thrown back; about ten years old and tall. Supposed to have gone towards Johnson City. Any information as to its whereabouts will be gratefully received. Address JJ Simpson, Limestone, Tennessee.

The flu, or grip, is now known as the flu.

The Herald and Tribune was, and still is, a newspaper published in Jonesboro, which was spelled this way on the letterhead in 1897.

January 6, 1910: The Williams Bible class, which was a men’s class at Munsey Memorial Church, recently held an election, according to The Comet. SC Williams was elected teacher and Colonel EC Reeves was elected assistant teacher.

January 6, 1915: The Chattanooga Daily Times, with various dates from Upper East Tennessee, ran several topical articles of interest to the Johnson Citians. From Bristol, Tennessee, readers learned: “A surprise arose Monday in Blountville County Court in Sullivan County (sic), Tennessee, just across from Virginia, when Professor JEL Seneker, who had was superintendent of education in the county for thirty years, was defeated by Craft Akard ”

Jonesboro readers learned: “At a county court meeting in Jonesboro on Monday, JH Epps was re-elected president and Professor ES Depew was named county superintendent of public education for the county for the fourth time. from Washington (sic). “

From Unicoi County, “At the Unicoi County (sic) County Court session on Monday, AEB Jones was elected President and Ms. WA Roberts was re-elected County Superintendent of Public Education.”

Carter County reported: “The county court met in Elizabethton on Monday. EH Little was elected chairman of the county court and Professor Grant Ellis was chosen superintendent of public education.

Jonesboro was spelled this way in 1915.

The Chattanooga Daily Times is now published as the Chat-tanooga Times Free Press.

January 6, 1922: A century ago today, The Journal and Tribune reported baseball news. “Appalachian League Baseball (sic) directors have been called to meet at President WB Ellison’s office in Johnson City on Saturday, Jan. 14.”

“Notices to all clubs in the league have been sent by President Ellison calling for full participation.”

“There are many important issues to be considered at this meeting as this is the first meeting since the end of the season last fall. New officers will be elected, constitutional and constitutional amendments may be made, and methods of enforcing salary and player limits will be discussed and possibly adopted.

“Local fans are eagerly awaiting a decision from authorities in Johnson City, and the receipt of letters here yesterday gave the local sports offices a first impression of the President’s action.”

The Journal and Tribune was a newspaper published in Knoxville.

January 6, 1947: The Elizabethton Star ran an advertisement for Burgie Drug Store. The advertisement stated that Burgie had been in business for 50 years. Their slogan was “Let us fill your prescription where you get the best for less”.

Burgie Drug Store is still in operation in 2022.

The Elizabethton Star is still being published.

January 6, 1972: 50 years ago today, temperature variations made the headlines. According to the Johnson City Press-Chronicle, “most of Tennessee, including parts of the Tri-Cities, were chatting in a cold snap last night that gripped the state following an arctic storm yesterday.”

“A cold snap advisory was issued last night by the National Weather Service, with morning temperatures expected to drop to 10 degrees. Snow showers were to accompany the first intense cold spell of winter in the Upper East Tennessee region.

“A little relief is shown throughout the day with the general forecast calling for clear skies and cold temperatures. The high should struggle against the 20’s low with tonight’s low at 15. “

“Temperatures like this quickly took the heat off yesterday’s 50-degree peak. The Wednesday morning low was 46.

“The trail of snow yesterday brought the total precipitation for the day to 0.59 inches with the total to date for January at 1.65 inches.”

January 6, 1997: Twenty-five years ago today, in an article by Gregg Powers, Johnson City Press readers learned, “Star Trek fans from across the region converged on Freedom Hall on Sunday in search of collectibles. , autographs and pretty much anything associated with shows. , including a glimpse of two of the stars.

The Johnson City Star Trek Celebration, produced by Trek Productions of Connecticut, provided fans with the latest props from the shows and a chance to meet and get autographs from Marina Sirtis, who played advisor Deanna Troi on Star Trek. : The Next Generation, and Chase Masterson, who plays Leeta the Dabo Girl on Deep Space Nine.

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