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October 6, 1921

A school savings system was inaugurated in all primary schools and the parish school in the city and could be extended later to the lycée. The “ATM” manufactured by the American Banking Machine Co. is used and the installation in schools has been carried out by the American State Bank. In operation, the ATM is similar to the familiar stamp vending machines that dispense postage stamps. Children place their coins in the appropriate slot, push a lever and a stamp of value equivalent to the denomination of the coin is issued. This stamp is stuck on a file which is provided. When the child has a dollar or more in stamps, the file can be brought to the bank and exchanged for a savings book. The stamps will be cashed if they are accompanied by an order form signed by the parents. Savings clubs are formed in the various schools and thrift armies have started, with captains, lieutenants and other officers and the competition stimulates the children to make greater efforts to earn and save money. money. The contest is based on a percentage of the number of children who save regardless of the amount saved. At Whittier School on Wednesday, where the system was installed by AJ Koehler of Saginaw, many children were asked how they made money for savings stamps and they said the money was given for excellent grades on report cards and for taking care of children. , carry water, collect leaves, run errands and other forms of easy and profitable extracurricular work.

October 6, 1971

The purchase of the Stanley Fawcett property in Haring Township was confirmed today by officials at the Woodward Development Co. of Southfield. Company official James Kennedy said the purchase is complete, but the company plans to postpone determining work schedules on-site until after Thursday night’s public hearing before the State Boundary Commission at the Lincoln School. The public hearing is scheduled for 8 p.m. and will focus on the city’s annexation of the North District Fairgrounds and the Fawcett property. Facett said today: “Woodward Development Corp. has acted in good faith and we have an agreement in effect, with a good deposit, to purchase the property.” The development company plans to build a shopping center on the site and has requested water and sewer services from the city.

October 6, 1996

What started as a joint dream for Sandy Dolack and Pam Blevins almost three years ago will soon come to fruition. The two Cadillac women had wanted to build an assisted living facility in the area since they both left the nursing business in 1993. Today, construction crews are starting to excavate the site, which at the end of next spring , will house more than 20 elderly people. Assisted living, while a bit new in Michigan, has taken off elsewhere. Wisconsin and Oregon are model states. Dolack called it “a step between living alone and having to go to a nursing home.” The Curry House, named after Dolack’s mother, is located off the M-55 by 47 Mile Road. The one-story building has 20 suites, each with a private bathroom and kitchenette, shared kitchen, dining room and living room. It is the only assisted living facility within a 60 mile radius of Cadillac. Meal, laundry and housekeeping services will be provided, but Dolack said “only if the resident wishes” and coined the philosophy of the house: “help is available if needed”. Curry House plans to employ 12 people, including one on call 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency. “The people of Cadillac deserve this kind of senior care,” Blevins said. “It’s not fair for them to live their entire lives here and then have to retire to Florida or elsewhere to get the services they need.”

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