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Bright sunshine and the promise of flying kites drew a few thousand people to the Frontier Sports Complex on Sunday.

“It takes us back in time to flying a kite – it’s just a simple activity to do,” said Beth Durso, program manager for the Naperville Park District. “Families and kids of all ages can do it. Parents can also get involved. That’s the main reason it’s so fun.

It wasn’t just hobbyists running around holding ropes attached to flying objects at Sunday’s Frontier Kite Fly Festival. Professionals also showed off their skills with kites ranging in size from 30 to 100 feet – a giant snake being one of the main attractions.

Everyone just had to wait for the wind, which only really arrived in the afternoon. But, in the meantime, you couldn’t beat the sunshine and clear skies.

“It’s a great way to get out and disconnect from everyday life and have some family fun,” said David Zavell, owner of Chicago Kite. He noted that the past two years have been “great” for the kite industry, when people often had little to do but get out and reconnect with nature – and their youth.

Asked about the kite draw, he replied, “You are free.”

“It gets the kids out of the house,” added Mike Holl, a show kite pilot with Chicago Kite. “Baby boomers, we all grew up with them. Everyone flew a kite back then. You did. You had fun.

In the “amateur” field on Sunday morning, families ran around trying to get their kites to float even though the wind was uncooperative.

“She’s always wanted to fly a kite,” said Kelly Filip, of Naperville, whose daughter, Adaline, 6, was doing just that nearby. Kelly said the event took her back to her own childhood.

“We’ve been here before, and it’s always a great day,” noted Amy Schade of Naperville, who has been bringing her 9-year-old twins, Jane and Nate, to the event for years.

Growing up, she and her sister had a hard time trying to fly kites in their neighborhood, she said. She had better luck in the wide open spaces of Frontier.

When asked what he likes about kites, his son, Nate, said, “I love the kites part of kites.

“I like it when the kite goes really high in the air,” he added.

Giles Bruce is a freelance journalist for The Courier-News.

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