Thorpe Bay: Coastguard looking for kitesurfer after call

Fears that a kitesurfer could have gotten into trouble at sea have been buried after they were found safe and sound.

Southend Coastguard were due to send a crew to Thorpe Bay beach after two emergency calls from members of the public were made on Saturday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a kite flying at sea, with strings dangling in the water but no sign of anyone tied up.

The first caller said he was concerned that a kite surfer had come loose and/or got tangled underwater.

The Coastguard was preparing to launch an emergency rescue operation but was suspended after receiving confirmation the kite surfer had returned to safety.

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A spokesman said: “As the Southend team assembled at the Coastguard station and spoke to our Dover Coastguard operations room, we received further calls to confirm that the kitesurfer had safely returned to shore as his kite had become tangled on an object in the water.

“The kite owner has confirmed that he will retrieve the kite at low tide.”

The spokesperson described the incident as a “false alarm with good intentions”.

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