The traditional Swiss company Victorinox opens its first in India

Victorinox has opened a brand new store at the Palladium Mall, High Street Phoenix in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. The whole universe of Victorinox products can be discovered in the famous luxury shopping centre. Showcasing their famous Swiss Army knives, kitchen knives, watches, travel items and perfumes, the Victorinox store offers a wide range of durable and high-end products to its customers.

Victorinox inaugurates its very first store in India, in Mumbai:

After opening stores in Vienna, Prague and Lyon in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively, Mumbai is just the start of their plans for India in the coming months. Talking about field expansion and brand loyalty base, General Manager Colonel Chandoke spoke to Lifestyle Asia about their future plans, brand perception and superior product quality. . Excerpts…

When did you decide to open a store in Mumbai?

So one thing that makes Victorinox unique as a brand store is that there is something for everyone here. There is something for all customers, all tastes. I mean, we are serious knife makers, it’s our DNA. We manufacture pocket knives, military knives, kitchen knives, etc. We manufacture 1,40,000 knives per day. We are also serious watchmakers, we have our own factory. We are also serious manufacturers of travel equipment. We are not a fashion brand when it comes to travel. With the past five to six years that we have spent building a strong brand foundation across the multi-brand network, we are humbled to see the response and love we have received from our customers. So when someone asks me how I decided, or when will your first store open? I say, “We haven’t decided. Customers did. We are already sitting on a Victorinox love base of so many customers in India. And now, we’re kicking off our aggressive six-store journey. So when you talk about the store here, I see that Palladium is one of the epicenters of Bombay. And people flock to spend money here because that’s what we do on the weekends, we go to the malls, it’s our vacation.

The customer is getting very smart now. They care about what goes into the making of the product or whether it is durable or not. Can you tell us what is going to make your brand more sustainable from scratch?

Sustainability is one of Victorinox’s strongest values. To give you an example, we manufacture 1,40,000 knives every day. The heat generated by the production process is captured, channeled and used for distribution to neighboring villages. So in Switzerland, this heat energy is used and not just released. This is just one example of what the company’s value system has been like over the past 100 years. Sustainability is firmly rooted in the company’s value system, the brand values. With watches too, again our production processes have a corporate theme overall, sustainability is not an event for us, it’s a culture, it’s a way of operating for us. Every company that makes a good quality product is actually helping the environment.


Is product personalization a way to better connect with your customers?

Yes, this is a very important point because what can something be more personal than if you can play a part in making it to your liking. So that’s where we’ve taken customization to the next level with our pocket knives. If you have seen, a customer here can enjoy the process of selecting a knife without the scale or the handle. The metal body, the knife, then we have a choice of different colors of plug and play handles with a choice of toothpick, tweezer and lanyard colors. So what we do is we take engagement to the next level because there is an emotional connection between our customers and our products. We really appreciate that very much.

Your rates are quite varied. How do you think this helps the brand be perceived by its customers?

We are not luxury, we are a premium brand. We don’t want to be the Rolce Royce, we are the BMW and the Audi. Secondly, our whole idea at Victorinox is to have a very good quality-price ratio, while maintaining our premium positioning. Product quality translates into what we ethically charge the customer. We are on standard pricing across the world now. We will have a bag worth Rs 45,000, a walnut wood block worth Rs.75,000, a watch worth Rs 80,000 and a kitchen knife worth Rs 400. So that is the range we are offering. Interestingly, each product by itself speaks of supreme quality. And we’re not here to inflate or simply exaggerate the price for a customer.

Will we see more stores opening in India?

Yes! We are therefore planning six of our Victorinox branded stores over the next three years. It’s the first. And everything will be in 1000 square foot format. Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore would be the first phase. Of course, Delhi can accommodate two or even three stores. It’s a big market. With phase two, we then think of level two Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Chennai. So here is. We are here to stay.

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