The Scream 5 Rian Johnson Reference Explained by Co-Writer

This story contains SPOILERS for the new “Scream” movie.

Like any great “Scream” film, the fifth film in the franchise is cinematic and extremely self-aware. The new movie plays with toxic fandom and the idea of ​​a “requel,” or a movie that remakes the original movie while bringing in new characters from the legacy, fan-favorites — just like this film does and proudly wears it on its sleeve.

But he also makes a sly reference to a real-life director whose own film became the poster child for toxic fan attacks and the trend of requels: Rian Johnson, or as “Scream” refers to him, “The ‘Knives Out ‘. Guy.”

James Vanderbilt, one of the film’s co-writers with Guy Busick and producer of the film for his Project X Entertainment banner, told TheWrap why dropping Johnson’s name in one of the film’s key scenes was “a little too perfect”.

Fans of the “Scream” sequels know that there’s a series of faux movies within the movies called the “Stab” franchise. The “Stab” films tell the true stories of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the Ghostface killers, and the people of Woodsboro.

The premise and running gag of the new “Scream” is that Hollywood has decided to make their last movie “Stab” a “requel” and bring everything back to the original by bringing back the original characters. And to drive the point home even further, the new “Stab” movie is simply called “Stab,” much like “Scream” (2022) snatches the title from “Scream” (1996) or “Halloween” (2018) carries. the same name as “Halloween” (1978).

There’s only one big difference with this new “Stab” movie: people HATE it.

“We loved the idea that someone made one that wasn’t well received. Just like some directors have made big IP movies that the fandoms have hugely rejected,” Vanderbilt explained. has a very small percentage of people who feel they own intellectual property so much and are so angry at people that if they don’t do things exactly the way they want, spit it out [stuff], and it looks like something that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Rian Johnson of course directed ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi’, which follows one of the most famous sequels, ‘The Force Awakens’, and has also been the target of massive amounts of vitriol online. from toxic substances. Fans. But Johnson also directed the eighth Star Wars movie, and guess which “Stab” movie was next in line in the franchise? “Stab 8.”


“I think watching how people attacked him as a person was, oh, we’re in new territory here,” Vanderbilt said. “In ‘Scream’ 1 they talk about Wes Carpenter movies, in ‘Scream 2’ they talk about Stab directed by Robert Rodriguez. There’s a great tradition of commenting on other filmmakers who are peers at the time , and it felt very natural. Rian led this big IP that was divisive. We felt like if someone made the movie ‘Stab’ and it was divisive, it would be fun if it was. was Rian.

‘Scream’ breaks down the idea of ​​a ‘requel’ in a terrific scene where Jasmin Savoy-Brown, the film’s horror ‘expert’, explains the trend of soft remakes of a franchise as seen in everything from “Ghostbusters” to “Halloween” to “Star Wars” and beyond. The characters all seem to realize that the drama they’re playing is its own requel story, and Vanderbilt aimed to make a movie that he, as a fan, would most want to see and who could comment on where the movies and the horror genre has specifically disappeared in the last 10 years since “Scream 4”.

“The thing about the original ‘Scream’ is he had to have his cake and eat it too. He deconstructed the slasher while still being a great slasher [film]”, Vanderbilt said. “We wanted to deconstruct the requel while hopefully making a really good requel.


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