The Henckels Classic Santoku Knife is 41% off right now

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Personally, I love using the sharp flat blade of a santoku knife. It’s perfect for crushing garlic cloves, regularly chopping vegetables or slicing chicken breasts. I’ve even used it to dice and scrape a paste of wet ingredients, like anchovies for tangy dressings and marinades. And while I was initially intimidated by the sharpness of the blade, I now grab it every time I cook.

If you’re curious about what makes a good santoku knife, here’s the scoop. You’ll want one with a razor-sharp blade, a comfortable handle, and a lightweight feel. The length of the blade is also important; Santoku knives are shorter than their chef’s counterparts, which means they’re a bit easier to maneuver. And right now, the 5-inch Henckels knife that’s a great choice for precise cuts is 41% off with a coupon at Amazon.

To buy: Henckels Classic 5-inch Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, $54 with coupon (originally $92) at

The Henckels Classic range is an affordable option from one of the most popular cutlery brands in the industry, Zwilling. With its high-grade German stainless steel construction, large sleek blade, and comfortable three-bolt handle, users say this knife glides easily through meat, vegetables, bread, and even tomatoes. Buyers confirm that this versatile tool is excellent for small tasks, like dicing onions and chopping nuts, and offers better control with larger projects, like slicing large chunks of meat.

Other users praise the knife’s small divots, which prevent food from sticking to the blade, as well as its well-balanced construction that makes chopping effortless “This is our family’s favorite all-around knife,” said the One. Two. “It’s the one we’re always looking for and see someone else has used it recently, so we have to wash it before we can use it for the next job.” Right now, the knife already on sale is just $54 when you apply for an Amazon coupon, making now a great time to add one (or more) to your kitchen. Buy the deal now before it’s gone.

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