The CT Kite Festival will take off in October

Cape Mental Health’s first event, the Cape Town International Kite Festival will start in October, from 2 to 31. For the 27th edition of the event, the organizers are calling it a hybrid event due to the COVID-19 pandemic and offer online workshops and other interactive activities.

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Cape Mental Health provides free and essential mental health services and the Cape Town International Kite Festival will be a great opportunity for the non-profit organization to raise funds to continue its good work in providing a much needed health service that does is not available to everyone.

The non-profit organization aims to raise over 100,000 Rand during the festival and this year’s event combines real outdoor kite flying with online kite making workshops and competitions. .

The 27th Cape Town International Kite Festival will be an exhilarating mix of magic and fun. In South Africa, October is the dawn of summer and it’s a great time to go out, fly a kite, laugh, and enjoy a sense of play and freedom. Hold on to your kite line and let go of the anxiety, stress and most importantly help raise awareness and fundraise for Cape Mental Health as #EveryoneDeserveToFly, the website says.

The Cape Town International Kite Festival is the oldest kite event on the continent and has been hosted by Cape Mental Health since 1994, to raise funds and promote mental wellness.


The festival will encourage people to share photos, videos and messages of encouragement by tagging #EveryoneDeservesToFly and the @CTKiteFest page – in order to be featured on the festival’s official social feeds.

On World Mental Health Day on October 10, Cape Mental Health will host a kite watching at Dolphin Beach and Zandvlei Nature Reserve on Saturday October 23.

Gather your family, friends or coworkers, wear green if you can and plan a ‘flash fly’ to spend time together in the great outdoors at a safe social distance while giving hope and fundraising for Cape Mental Health, says the Festival website.

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