Scott Pilgrim: each main character ranked by strength

Scott pilgrim is a time capsule from the late 2000s and early 10s in many ways. One of the most critical examples of this is the influence of video games on comics and film. Scott pilgrim presents a unique hierarchy of power within its cast by borrowing much of its visuals and storytelling tropes from classic and boss-centric endings video games of the ’80s and’ 90s.

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Fans might think the League of Evil ex is exhibiting a definite escalation of power. Yet the actual rankings of power in Scott Pilgrim’s universe are more devious than they realize.

ten Knives Chau’s naivety gets in his way


While not entirely helpless, Knives is by far the weakest member of the main group. Scott pilgrim to throw. Knives’ age (seventeen at the start of the story) plays an important role. Aside from his youth, Knives’ naivety prevents him from tapping into his true power.

Comic book fans know that Knives’ father, Mr. Chau is a very formidable fighter. Although she gains confidence as a warrior towards the end of the series, surpassing her father will be a monumental challenge for the Shining-Eyed Knives.

9 Matthew Patel was easily defeated


As the first evil ex that Scott meets, Matt is bound to place himself quite low on a list of powerful characters. Even with the help of a sneak attack, Matt is still unable to beat Scott in their first and only encounter.

On top of that, Ramona hadn’t even told Scott about his naughty exes. Since Scott effortlessly sent Matt at the start of the series, it’s impossible to imagine even the most powerful version of Patel damaging him at the end of the story.

8 Lucas Lee was hardly a threat

Lucas is skating

Lucas’ prowess in action movies might lead many fans to believe he would be a beast, but he hardly is. Although he caused problems for Scott early in their fight, Lucas was quickly thwarted by Scott once the protagonist understood the battle and the terrain.

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Most of Lucas’ fight damage came from the fact that Scott was still confused about fighting Ramona’s exes in the first place. Like Matt Patel, Scott would slaughter even the most powerful version of Lucas Lee by the end of the series.

7 Movie and comic book fans have different opinions on the Katayanagi brothers

Kyle and Ken Brothers Scott Pilgrim

Although there may be a difference in strength between the two brothers, it is impossible to judge as they are still fighting together. Depending on the version of Scott pilgrim whom they first met, fans may differ in how they rate the brothers compared to other characters.

In the comics, the Katayanagi brothers display a greater physical sense than their film counterparts. The Scott pilgrim comic throws brothers alongside Ryu and Ken from the street fighter The “Battle of the Bands” franchise is an original film only.

6 Kim Pine intimidates everyone

Kim Pine facing the Scott Pilgrim comic

Kim Pine didn’t fight much the entire time. Scott pilgrim series. That doesn’t stop Kim Pine from being more powerful than the characters before her. In the comics, Kim’s gruff, sane demeanor is as powerful as any punch thrown by any other character. Even though the protagonist is in their group, most of the members of Sex Bob-omb are more intimidated by Kim than Scott.

If Kim did decide to fight, chances are she’s the strongest character in the game. Scott pilgrim franchise, regardless of the medium.

5 Roxy Richter Has Awesome Katana Skills

Roxy Ricther Scott Pilgrim Comic jpeg

Roxy’s speed alone places her among the top members of the League of Evil ex. During their first encounters, Scott is unable to touch Roxy. Part of the problem stems from Scott’s archaic notion of not attacking female fighters and Roxy’s unfathomable level of speed.

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Additionally, Richter’s skill with a katana cannot be underestimated. At several points in their fight, Roxy nearly beheaded Scott. As the only female member of Ramona’s evil exes, Roxy proves that girls can play as hard as boys.

4 Ramona Flowers is dangerous in combat

Although she eventually needed Scott’s help to break free from the insidious League of Evil Exes that tormented her, Ramona is no slouch in the combat department. Defying the damsel in distress trope, Ramona even wields a giant mallet which she wields with expert skill.

Ramona’s ability to access the subspace is also an incredible power as its uses go both offensive and defensive. Ramona and Scott may operate on the “opposites attract” rule in their love life, but they are just as dangerous in combat.

3 Todd Ingram had vegan superpowers


Todd is perhaps the strongest of Scott Pilgrim’s thrown in parentheses characters to raw power. Due to his natural food and vegan lifestyle, Todd has intensely powerful psychic abilities. Unfortunately for Scott, Todd doesn’t just rely on his psychic abilities as a crutch.

Scott eventually managed to defeat him, but if the vegan police hadn’t intervened, Todd could have won the fight. If Todd were to fight Scott at the “end of the line,” the battle could be even closer than their first meeting.

2 Scott Pilgrim shows impressive growth

Scott Pilgrim movie and comic jpeg

Part of the fun of being a Scott pilgrim the fan watches the main character evolve mentally and physically throughout the series. Possessing some innate power from the start of the series, Scott adds to his arsenal with every evil ex he beats.

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At the end of the series, with the power of love, Scott can defeat the most destructive characters of all. While it’s quite a road to get there, Scott becomes the second most powerful character in the franchise.

1 Gideon Graves is the final boss

Gideon is the most powerful character of all Scott pilgrim. With the video game-centric franchise starring an unreasonably powerful big boss, Scott pilgrim is almost defined more by Gideon than by Scott.

It was only through their collective power that Ramona and Scott were able to defeat the supremely powerful Gideon Graves. To drive the point further, Gideon killed Scott when they first met. Fortunately, Scott used his extra life to revive and win the battle, but Gideon would have won easily.

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