Rising southerly swell and strong winds keep Oahu rescuers busy

Ocean Safety rescuers worked late today, performing numerous rescues “in a rising southerly swell and very strong winds, a day when thousands of people battled the elements for some fun surfing,” said Ocean Safety chief John Titchen said in a press release.

They carried out 65 rescues and 1,700 preventive actions today on the south shore of Oahu.

“The big windy surfs in Waikiki and along the east side at Sandy’s and Makapuu have attracted thousands of swimmers,” Titchen said.

Rescuers responded just after 4 p.m. to reports that a 46-year-old woman was struggling to tack into the wind and return ashore in Kahala.

She and a 46-year-old male kite were heading downwind around Black Point towards Kaimana Beach Park when the man got into trouble near the rocks at Black Point.

The woman was trying to signal that her foiler colleague was in distress after losing her rig just off Black Point and needed rescuing.

Rescuers used a lifeboat to help the couple get ashore.

At Ala Moana Beach Park, rescuers provided medical attention to a 60-year-old man seriously injured by an uncontrollable umbrella, Titchen said.

Rescuers also rescued three people from a submerged canoe off Kaimana Beach.

But the rescues weren’t just on the South Shore.

Rescuers helped two people from an overturned canoe off Mokuleia Beach Park.

Rescuers worked overtime to ensure adequate coverage was available until nightfall.

Ocean Safety reminds the public to use caution and “know before you go” when windy conditions appear, as the wind can generate extremely strong tears and currents.

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