Rian Johnson mocks Knives Out Reference

Even though it’s just a fantasy, imagining Daniel Craig stalking Ghostface is just a hilarious idea.

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SCREAM is still spooking the box office, surpassing $100 million worldwide last weekend, prompting Paramount Pictures to quickly greenlight a sequel slated to begin production this summer. However, fans of this 25-year-old franchise still can’t stop talking about the latest installment and one of the best scenes in the new film has the director Rian Johnson Tweeter about that. In the playful tweet, Johnson acknowledged her indirect role in the film by simply writing, “SCREAM 8: A BENIC BLANC MYSTERY.” Now don’t get too excited, Scream fans, because it’s obviously just Johnson having fun with his reference in the last movie.


If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember the scene in which Dewey meets with all the new characters in this horror sequel to discuss their next move. It becomes Savoy Brown Jasmine‘s Mindy Meeks talks about “requels” that are very popular in franchises these days. As depicted in the film, these stories fall somewhere between a reboot and a sequel. star wars is the biggest example Mindy sets, with Johnson leading the infamously controversial The Last Jedi. Although the director is not mentioned by name in the film, they simply refer to him as the “Knives out guy”, it is revealed that Johnson realized the universe in stab 8 which fans of that series found disrespectful to the established franchise. Sound familiar already?

In the little preview we saw of stab 8 in SCREAM their version of Ghostface wore a chrome mask, dubbed Chromeface, which wielded a flamethrower. This whole sequence refers to the toxic response that the Last Jedi had.

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RELATED: ‘Scream 6’ Is Happening with the Creative Team of the 2022 Film ReturnIf you too are wondering, Benic Blanc is the character of the detective Daniel Craig plays in the previously mentioned Knives out which was in itself a thrilling murder mystery that playfully commented on the tropes of its genre, much like Scream. If this film were ever made, it would be the ultimate meta-franchise crossover. Plus, just imagining Craig’s mad southern detective stalking Ghostface would be a hilarious and wild ride. However, if he was on the case, the film would probably only last a few minutes with humor.

Again, this is just a fake movie title for a completely fake fever dream and with the new movie announced, we’re only on Cry 6but maybe after Johnson is done with his Knives out trilogy that the stars can line up for him to eventually make a Scream movie. Whatever the case, SCREAMThe toxic fandom story of shed light on an increasingly dark topic, and it was just nice to see a film hitting an unhelpful part of its own community. Especially considering what parts of the fandom have put Johnson through since then. The Last Jediin 2017. Its thematic inclusion in SCREAM was a surprisingly funny thread throughout the film and this tweet was just smile-inducing. Perhaps this quirky relationship between Johnson and Ghostface will continue in the future with an appearance down the line or the director’s fictional version doing more. Stab movies in this increasingly meta horror universe. For all the latest Scream news, stick with Collider.

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