Report: ‘Multiple teams’ asked about Danielle Hunter

With just days to go before the start of the league’s new year and the Minnesota Vikings still have to comply with the cap, there are reports of teams sniffing around one of the most valuable to the team.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, “several” teams have inquired about the availability of defensive end Danielle Hunter. As Fowler points out, Hunter has an $18 million bonus due in about a week, a provision that was made as part of the contract renegotiation he did with the team. last year in which he would have been unhappy.

In 2019, Hunter set a new benchmark for quarterback sacks by a player before the age of 25. However, it has been difficult for Hunter since then. He missed the entire 2020 season after a ‘tweak’ he suffered in the neck during pre-season caused him to miss the whole year, and he only played six games last season before suffering of a tear in the pectoral muscle at the end of the season.

Hunter currently carries the highest salary cap of any player on the roster not named Kirk Cousins. That figure, according to Over the Cap, is $26,120,000. If the Vikings were to cut or trade him, they would incur a cap of $11.48 million, but would save around $14.6 million. If designated as a cut after June 1, they would save $20 million while incurring a dead money hit of just over $6 million.

The Vikings could also look to redo Hunter’s deal in a bid to lower his cap, but there’s no indication whether Hunter and his side would be okay with something like that or not. As DN Nick Olson’s friend remarked on Twitterthe Vikings could also convert Hunter’s roster bonus into a signing bonus and save about $13.5 million in salary cap space.

At first glance, the idea of ​​trading Danielle Hunter seems absolutely ridiculous. We saw last year that he makes a difference when he is on the pitch. . .he just hasn’t been on the court much in the past two seasons. Hopefully the new front office and Hunter reps can come up with something that will do not involve seeing #99 leave for a new team.

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