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You don’t have to be Benoit Blanc to understand that Knives Out was an immediate hit when it hit theaters in 2019. The quirky humor, sharp edits, and power of this mysterious murder have led to rave reviews, box office success, and accolades (including an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay). Benoit Blanc (Daniel craig) ‘who killed who’ investigation at Thrombey Mansion following the unprecedented death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christophe plummer) grabbed attention instantly. And now Netflix has decided to give us a sequel that has high hopes that it will be as big as its predecessor.

Before Knives Out got all the buzz, writer / director Rian johnson was already eager to do more stories led by Craig’s instantly iconic sleuth, Benoit Blanc. Fortunately, Johnson was able to pursue his vision in the next film. Even though Knives Out 2 is still in the early stages of production, we already know some exciting details about Netflix’s sequel.

Here’s everything we know so far about the release date, new and old cast members, and the future of this potential saga.

Does Knives Out 2 have a release date?

While we’re not sure of a specific release date yet, knives outside 2 could be released on Netflix sometime in 2022. Fingers crossed that there are no future changes in plans. After all, production has only just started in Greece after being delayed due to COVID-19.

Is Knives Out 2 a direct sequel?

Despite the fact that many Hollywood favorites were stage thieves in Knives Out (it was great to see Ana de Armas, Chris evans, Jamie lee curtis, Toni Collette, and not all together in the same feature film), Rian Johnson has confirmed that the sequel will have an entirely different narrative. In an interview with SiriusXM in February of last year, the director drew an analogy with the author Agatha christie by explaining that not all mystery murders happen with the same storyline. He said he would like to explore the genre with different characters, a new location and a different dynamic.

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Who is in the cast of Knives Out 2?

Daniel Craig in Knives Out

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As mentioned earlier, most of the cast from the first movie won’t be coming back for knives outside 2. If they make an appearance, it would be in a surprise cameo. Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Linda Drysdale, even cleared the air about the Thrombey family’s return to screen with an Instagram post that hints at them spending time in therapy and away from Benoit Blanc.

Speaking of Detective Benoit Blanc, the character directs the cast of knives outside 2 as he investigates another mystery. Netflix acquired the rights to the next franchise installment for over $ 450 million, and part of the deal was to keep Daniel Craig involved in the project.

Alongside the 007 alum, new actors will join the cast to knives outside 2 and many of them are just as stellar as the renowned set from the previous film. Kate hudson, popularly known for her role in Almost known, will be part of the suite. Some other confirmed names are One night in Miami‘s Leslie Odom Jr., Edouard Norton (Fight Club), Dave Bautista (Army of the dead), Janelle Monae (Hidden numbers), Catherine hahn (Wandavision), Madelyn Cline (External banks), Jessica henwick (Game of thrones), and Ethan hawke (Before sunrise).

Kathryn Hahn in WandaVision

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Although we are not sure which characters they will play, Leslie Odom Jr. hinted that the sequel will be better than the first film and that fans will surely be surprised. He even pointed out that anyone can be a potential suspect, so like with the first Knives Out movie, this one will leave us guessing.

Another cast member who shared his take on the upcoming one Knives Out movie was Dave Bautista. The actor, who previously worked alongside Daniel Craig in Spectrum, revealed in an interview with Slash movie that he’s nervous about joining the team. Some pictures of Dave Bautista and Madelyn Cline on a motorbike have surfaced on the internet recently, which could indicate that there could be some action scenes. Kate Hudson and Ethan Hawke were also spotted on set under the Greek sun.

When and where does Knives Out 2 shoot?

According to Rian Johnson’s tweet, the knives outside 2 production began on July 28 and is currently filming in Greece. Some of the photos from the shoot that have been posted online over the past few weeks were taken on Spetches Island.

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Is there a Knives Out 2 trailer?

Since there is no release date for the sequel, one can only imagine that the trailer will release some time in advance in 2022, if there is no delay. When the knives outside 2 the trailer is out, we’ll add it here on this page as soon as possible.

What is the plot of Knives Out 2?

Just as the characters in the sequel remain a mystery to audiences at the moment, the plot of the sequel is also unknown. What we do know is that Rian Johnson mentioned “multiple murders” on the same post he shared on Twitter during the first day on set, which could indicate that a lot will happen in knives outside 2.


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Will there be a Knives Out 3?

Normally, we don’t get the good news until the first sequel is released, but Netflix is ​​full of surprises. The $ 450 million contract they signed with Rian Johnson includes both knives outside 2 and knives out 3, for which Johnson will rewrite the screenplay and direct. Daniel Craig will also be back for knives out 3, although the second sequel is a separate production and is not filmed back-to-back with knives outside 2. So we will wait a bit for the third Knives Out movie.

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