Recap of the law: tacos with one side of the knives

A show took place for a customer and his mom while waiting in a queue behind the wheel. Three men reportedly got out of a brown vehicle, and two of them pulled knives at another man who got out of a silver vehicle and also pulled out a knife. The two men reportedly started chasing one around the parking lot and attempted to leave in the silver vehicle. the Kalispell Police Department may have detained up to five people.

A woman walking a puppy behind baseball diamonds reportedly had a bad interaction with a woman who had a large off-leash dog when she “grabbed her by the collar and cursed her” over the weekend. The puppy’s owner wanted to speak to an agent about the woman who was laying hands on him and knew that calling at the time of the incident might have been a more timely option. She was informed that Animal Control would also be informed that the dog is not being kept on a leash.

Officers received a report that an office worker “was having difficulty removing a man from his sliding glass door.” The employee said his manager wanted to speak to officers as well.

One man was disturbed by people parking in front and although they weren’t on his property he didn’t want them there and thought “there might be some trouble”.

A woman in a white dress with yellow flowers is said to be in a parking lot and previously called for walking through people’s vehicles. A manager requested that she be cited for trespassing.

Two men appeared to check the car doors before one left in a battered blue truck and the other drove away.

A woman told police she was almost hit by a half-ton truck driven by a woman as she was crossing the street.

A woman calling from Woodland Drive told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she was older and couldn’t care for a cat she rescued the day before and wanted someone to take her because she was unable to carry it anywhere.

Someone reportedly continued to pull out a ladder to unscrew a neighbor’s security light shining in his window on Panoramic Drive. Both sides received brilliant ideas on how to resolve the issue.

Someone allegedly drilled a hole in the gas tank of a person’s vehicle while on a track.

The driver of an SUV allegedly took a wrong turn on his way to visit a friend and ended up stranded in a field on a man’s property in US 93 in Whitefish. The owner confronted the driver who said he had someone come and pick it up, but the owner didn’t want him to leave as there were already ruts and they didn’t want more damage. The parties concerned reached an agreement on repairing the damage when the soil dried out.

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