Rampuri knives looted only the poor under the Samajwadi Party regime: Yogi Adityanath

During the Samajwadi party regime in Uttar Pradesh, the famous “Rampuri” knives were only used to grab land from the poor while the current state government is promoting them as part of the ODOP program. to enrich people, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Saturday.

CM Adityanath made the dazzling remark at Rampur, the home land of SP veteran Azam Khan, while ushering in some completed projects and laying the foundation stones for some new ones, totaling 25 development works worth Rs. 95 crore.

He also mocked SP leader Akhilesh Yadav over his earlier remarks that he too could have built the Ram temple, saying he could only have thought about it if he had had time after developing cemeteries. . Referring to the “Rampuri chakku” – a famous type of knife named after the Rampur district, Adityanath said the edged weapon had been included in his government’s district-a-product program for the sake of the population of the region. .

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“We are following the ‘Guru Parampara (tradition)’ for the use of the Rampuri knife under the district ODOP). The good people use it to protect the country and the religion, ”he said. “But the bad people misuse it to plunder and capture the properties of the poor and the oppressed. It became a tool for grabbing land from the poor during the SP government, ”he said.

Attacking SP leader Yadav, the chief minister said: “I heard ‘Babua’ tell people that he too could have built the Ram Manidir. He surely could have built the temple if he had had time to build cemeteries.

“It is incredible that those who did not hesitate to shoot the Hindus in Ayodhya are now talking about having a mandir Ram built there,” he said.

Comparing his government’s performance with previous ones, Adityanath said: “The difference is clear. Before 2017, the CM’s residence was made easier for those accused of the riots in Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur. “But after 2017, the farmers are honored and the Gurbani is recited there,” he added.

“Our government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy to eradicate crime and criminals, wrested control of the property of the poor from land grabbers and razed their illegal properties with bulldozers,” the chief minister said.

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Again targeting Yadav, he said that “Babua” said “when he forms the government, electricity will be provided for free, but when his government was there before 2017, he gave no electricity at all.” “It was our government that supplied the electricity and built the toilets,” he added.

Earlier on Saturday, Yadav said if he voted in power, his government would give 300 units of free electricity to domestic consumers and the electricity bill on irrigation would be waived.

Referring to the seizure of countless unaccounted-for wads of cash during raids by tax detectives at some perfume merchants and manufacturers, including an SP MLC, CM Yogi launched a fierce attack on the SP and demanded that they to apologize to the public.

“We collect the money from the people who looted the public and buried it in the walls. In the SP government, young people were deceived and did not get the job, ”he said. Highlighting the work of the BJP in Central and State, Adityanath said, “After Modi ji came to power, the Kartarpur Corridor associated with Guru Nanak Dev Ji was opened, while previous governments exploited the poor. , encouraged rioters, inspired terrorist attacks and abandoned business against terrorists.

Questioning the former Congressional government in the Center, the CM asked, “Why didn’t they repeal the law in Kashmir during his rule?” When the SP and BSP supported Congress, why didn’t they end it? The work of abolishing section 370 must be done by the Narendra Modi government.

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