Pushpak Express case: “They had knives as well as brass knuckles”

Gulfam Ali (25), who witnessed the assault and helped catch one of the defendants, said eight men started behaving aggressively as soon as they got on the train. Ali, a resident of Lucknow, was traveling to Mumbai and was in the same compartment as the assaulted woman.

“They looked like they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They were aggressive as soon as they got on the train. They started by heckling people in the compartment. However, as soon as he left the station, they turned violent, ”Ali told The Indian Express.

He said the men who had guns like brass knuckles hit several people in the head and demanded that the passengers hand over money.

“They had knives and brass knuckles with which they threatened people and asked for money. They assaulted a few passengers. When I tried to intervene, one of them hit me on the head with a sharp object and I started to bleed. I was scared and kept quiet, ”Ali, a cook by profession, who was returning to town after the lockdown told Indian Express.

Ali said that when the train reached the section of Kasara Ghat, which has a number of train tunnels, the eight began to misbehave with the woman.

“They had stolen some passengers when the train reached the Kasara Ghat section. That’s when they got more aggressive. It was then that they glanced at the woman who was with her husband and started behaving badly with her. During this time, her husband got into a fight. I also resisted their behavior, but they assaulted us both. They also attempted to throw a person off the train. The guy, however, survived because the train was slow. They attacked the woman very violently. We all felt helpless and helpless because no one on the train could stop them because we were all terrified, ”he said.

The assault ended when the train reached Kasara station. Ali claims that when the passengers saw the train station approaching, they gathered some courage and started screaming for help.

“We all started screaming when the station arrived. However, six of the defendants jumped off the train by then. As one of the accused tried to escape, I gathered my courage and grabbed him. It was then that the other passengers regained courage and came out in support. We then locked him in the toilet. The commotion led the police to enter our compartment and they subsequently caught another accused. We then handed the person over to the police, ”Ali said.

“I am shaken by the incident and still scared. However, I feel bad that despite the fact that there are so many of us on the train, we could not prevent the woman from being assaulted, ”he added.

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