Police tackle hunting kite issues in Swarthmoor and Low Furness

Issues of antisocial behavior, litter and hunting kite theft are dealt with by police in Swarthmoor and Low Furness.

It comes after a number of incidents over the past month where police have continued to deal with other incidents of antisocial behavior and arguments between neighbors.

PCSO Helen Madden said, “Additional patrols have been carried out in problem areas.

“Please note that disputes over land ownership and boundaries are a civil matter. Advice on this can be obtained from Citizens Advice.

“Complaints about noise should be reported to Local Council, South Lakeland District Council www.southlakeland.gov.uk or by email to [email protected]

“Following other reports of hunting kite flights and the subsequent problem of stranded debris on the shore creating a waste / environment problem, a multi-agency meeting was held and options were discussed to find a solution. solution to this problem. Please note kite flying is not prohibited at this time.

“The fly spill problem continues and this has been further reports to our colleagues at SLDC as well as continued complaints about litter in local parks and public spaces; please take your litter home.”

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