Police seize narcotics and alcohol worth millions in separate operations

Police seized huge caches of alcohol, narcotics and drugs worth millions of rupees on Saturday in separate operations across the district.

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – July 2, 2022): Police on Saturday seized huge caches of alcohol, narcotics and drugs worth millions of rupees in separate operations across the district .

Kellar Syedan ​​Police arrested the accused Kabir Ahmed and recovered 100 bottles of alcohol from him.

SHO Kellar Syedan ​​said other enablers of the accused would also be arrested.

SP Saddar Ahmed Zanir Cheema, while praising SHO Kellar Syedan ​​and his team, said the accused will face strong evidence of drug trafficking against him. The crackdown on drug dealers and alcohol suppliers will continue, he added.

In another operation against drug traffickers, Rawalpindi police arrested two defendants and recovered approximately 3 kg of hashish in their possession.

Similarly, the Waris Khan police arrested an accused, namely Bilal, and recovered 800 grams of cannabis from him, while the Banni police arrested the accused Ali and recovered 620 grams of cannabis from him.

Rawalpindi Police, in other operations, arrested nine defendants and recovered marijuana and alcohol from them, including 460 grams of cannabis from Sehroosh, 180 grams of cannabis from Issa, 4 liters of alcohol from Zukram, 16 liters of alcohol from Noman, 13 bottles of alcohol from Haroon, 5 bottles of alcohol from Bilal and 10 liters of alcohol from Afzal.

Separate cases have been registered against the accused at various police stations in the district.

Meanwhile, a case has been filed against defendant Zohaib at Saddar Berouni police station for allegedly abusing a 12-year-old boy. The action was brought at the request of the victim’s father who alleged that his child’s guardian had assaulted him.

Additionally, Waris Khan police arrested kite sellers and recovered 110 kites and two rolls of string.

SP Rawal Babar Javed Joya said the crackdown on kite sellers and kite thieves would continue without any discrimination. He also said that operations against drug dealers and alcohol suppliers were stepping up to eradicate the scourge of drugs.

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