Pennsylvania Hunters Have New Option To Store Their Licenses Digitally

HARRISBURG Pa., (WHTM) – Hunting can attract many people to Pennsylvania, but there are a few important papers hunters should have to ensure they are following proper advice.

Pennsylvania Game Commission agents say this is a violation and fines will be imposed if hunters do not carry the proper documents.

But to remedy this problem, hunters now have the option of storing their information digitally.

“But this digital option will be more convenient for many hunters,” said Travis Lau, communications director for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Lau says going digital is a new method for hunters, but hunters should still have their paper tags when harvesting.

The state has now entered squirrel and dove season. And if you already have your license, it’s not too late to put your information on their website and download it to your smartphone.

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“So there were times when I went out and had to turn around because I forgot my license in my package at home the ability to carry digital licenses that are stored on our mobile device , what I never seem to forget would erase this problem, ”Lau said.

Lau says that for hunters who have concerns with COVID in certain wildlife like deer, there is still more unknowns and research to be done.

However, hunters should take preventative measures like using gloves when harvesting and keeping supplies clean.

“Besides any potential for the spread of COVID, there are other wildlife diseases that can be transmitted and these routine precautions will go a long way in preventing any disease,” Lau said.

Lau says keeping these things in mind is beneficial.

“But again, there is always a risk of disease when handling wild animals, so we ask our hunters to take these routine precautions,” Lau said.

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