Pasadena Unified African American Parents Council’s Living Black History Museum Returns In-Person Wednesday – Pasadena Now

Parents, teachers and the entire community are invited Wednesday to the Black History Living Museum at the Robinson Recreation Center, where students in grades three through five will dress up as African-American figures of excellence, informing and engaging the public.

The African American Parents Council (AAPC) will be holding its Black History Living Museum (BHLM) project in person at the Robinson Recreation Center, 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave., between 6 and 7:30 p.m.

“The Living History Museum is a collection of visual exhibits where students dress up as famous people,” said Nicole Phoenix, co-chair of the BHLM project. “They will stay tuned, and the public will walk around and visit the exhibits and experience the life of the real person. The students therefore researched the characters they chose for themselves, someone they wanted to know and share.

Students will create a bulletin board with illustrations and details to identify all specific facts of a historical nature.

Each student has been tasked with writing a 20-30 second oral summary to present at the event. They’ll present the most important facts about the historical figure they’ve researched, and as visitors visit each station, they’ll press a button and the costumed student will “come to life to speak,” said said Phoenix.

“So most of the speeches will be memorized and it’s expected to be a lot of fun,” she added.

The activity will showcase Black ingenuity and innovation, as told by the talented students of PUSD and their presentation boards, depictions and discourse of the Black person, living or dead, who inspired them.

The entire exercise, from research to writing to the actual presentation, helps train students to become good public speakers.

“You will hear about important black figures, people who have had an impact on society. We’re not just talking about the Rosa Parks and the Martin Luther Kings, although they’re highly esteemed figures in our community, but also people you’ve never heard of,” Phoenix said. “So, as a group of parents, we decided to come together, to find a way to hold schools accountable, to share more history, especially black history.”

BHLM is also an end-of-school-year competition, where the best presenters are chosen and rewarded, and the grand prize winners, and first, second and third place winners are recognized with their schools.

“We want everyone — parents, teachers, administrators, the school district — to come out and support these students in their efforts,” Phoenix said. “At the end of the day, the big winner will have their name engraved on the trophy. And this school will be able to house this trophy for the rest of the year.

Phoenix is ​​also a member of CSLA’s leadership team.

For more information about BHLM and the CSLA, visit or email [email protected]

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