Ogdensburg’s vibrant coastline will welcome wildlife, wanderers and history buffs

A team from Fiacco Construction works on a cofferdam on the Oswegatchie side of Van Rennselaer Point in Ogdensburg, NY. Photo: Todd Moe

This summer, historians, engineers and environmentalists are collaborating on a living shore on Van Rensselaer Point in Ogdensburg. The result will be more stable shorelines along the St. Lawrence and Oswegatchie rivers, for wildlife, dog walkers, anglers, ship watchers, and the Fort de la Presentation, a local history group. The association’s property was heavily flooded two years ago and they feared there would be more damage in future floods.

The St. Lawrence coastline has long been appreciated for its breathtaking views of the seaway, bird watching and acres of green spaces where visitors can picnic and recreate. It was hoped to find a solution for flood control that also positively contributed to the visitor experience and the appreciation of the river. The project was funded by a grant from the Lake Ontario Resilience and Economic Development Initiative, or THINK.

A view of Canada off Van Rensselaer Point in Ogdensburg, New York.  Photo: Todd Moe

A view of Canada off Van Rensselaer Point in Ogdensburg, New York. Photo: Todd Moe

Todd Moe recently stopped by for an update on the work this summer and spoke with an engineer, the head of the construction team and Tim Cryderman, a member of the Fort Association board of directors. of the Presentation. Cryderman says the Living Shore will enhance and expand uses of the 27-acre site beyond heritage and history.

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