Nearly 90 displaced animals and birds rescued amid heavy rain

The heavy rains that hit Mumbai earlier this week not only affected people’s normal lives but also impacted wildlife as more than 80 displaced animals and birds were rescued from various parts of the city in the course of the last days.

At least 88 different species of animals, birds and reptiles were rescued from different parts of the city and its adjacent areas in three days, a forestry official said.

The majority of animals and birds were rescued from the city’s suburban areas, which share spaces with forests, and most of them were relocated due to the incessant rains, he said.

Two wildlife ambulances, six rescuers and 20 volunteers from the NGO Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) rescued the animals and birds, the official said.

A badly injured golden jackal was rescued from the eastern suburb of Vikhroli. The animal was severely dehydrated and had suffered multiple injuries and broken bones, he said.

Similarly, two bonnet macaques were rescued from the Mulund and Thane areas, where they had come into contact with live wires, and one died, while a sub-adult mongoose moved due heavy rain was found in Bhandup and was under observation, the official said.

Up to seven turtles were found in different parts of the city as several bodies of water were flooded due to the rains and they were lost in flood waters near sewers and rescued from corporations and resorts residential, he said.

At least 30 birds, including black kites, parakeets, mynahs, crows and pigeons, were also affected by the rains and strong winds and were treated, while more than 35 snakes of different species were rescued from residential and commercial areas and released into the wild after a medical examination, the official said.

Displaced and distressed animals and birds were rescued, cared for and rehabilitated in coordination with the forest department, he added.

It is a call to citizens to be vigilant and help these animals get in touch with the nearest rescue teams, NGOs and the Forest Department, the official said.

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