ND Outdoors: hunting and trapping coyotes

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — Coyote hunting and trapping is hugely popular in North Dakota.

“It’s definitely our most abundant furbearer in North Dakota, plus we’ve had decent coyote prices for the past few years in the fur market. And so interest just exploded in coyote harvesting in general for trappers and hunters,” Tucker said.

Tucker says coyote season is open year-round because hunters and trappers have no impact on the population from year to year.

“It might have a small regional impact in the region if they turn the crop really hard, but it won’t have a big impact. That being said, the bulk of the coyote harvest takes place during peak fur season, which is roughly November through February,” Tucker said.

There has been a nocturnal season for coyotes since the early 1990s in North Dakota.

“We have made some changes this night hunting season to allow for some of these newer technologies, like night vision and thermal imaging equipment. Thus, night hunting is also very popular. It’s traditionally done, you know, at the time of year when the snow and the fur are also the best. Very effective method, but this season is a bit shorter due to conflict with other hunting seasons,” Tucker said.

There are a few common diseases in coyotes, one is mange, caused by a mite that makes the animals extremely itchy and then they end up tearing their hair out.

“We have another ectoparasite in North Dakota that has really appeared more prevalent in the landscape over the last 10 years or so. And this is called canine chewing lice. And so the most common thing you’ll see if a coyote has lice is they’re going to first touch that area on the lower neck or between the shoulder blades on their back you’re going to see damaged fur or matted or thinned, an area of ​​thin fur, it might look a little greasy or just a little bit of shedding there,” Tucker said.

Coyote fur prices have fallen this year compared to recent years.

For more information on hunting and trapping coyotes in North Dakota, visit the Department of Game and Fisheries website at gf.nd.gov

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