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Small game hunting is a great introduction to the outdoors.


Nate Kennedy special for the citizen

It’s exciting to see new people take their chances and try their hand at hunting and fishing. You won’t find me complaining about overcrowded public lands or new hunters who might think differently, look different, or act differently than me. The hunt needs ambassadors, and I’m glad to see the community grow!

The experience of growing up as a hunter, with a mom, a dad and, finally, the whole family that hunted, was a real privilege. Going from BB gun to .22, .410 and above the chain felt natural, as did starting with squirrels and rabbits, then moving to grouse and waterfowl, and finally big game. As a witness to many hunters getting involved at an older age these days, it’s fun to see what community ramifications they are drawn to first. It’s often turkeys and deer, I get the impression. Especially in New York. These species seem to be a big “in” in this whole hunting story, and it’s easy to see why.

Having said that, I think the old “work up” approach could be overlooked. While I think you should get your teeth into the species that appeals to you the most, starting with the small game gives the hunter a chance to have a blast, and it’s an amazing way to start learning the wood and get to know yourself as a hunter.

Whether it’s your first hunting season or not, there are plenty of reasons to try small game hunting this fall.

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