MPs: Chester SC’s mother accused of shooting her son had hunted deer

A South Carolina mother accused of shooting dead her 6-year-old son on Thanksgiving had hunted deer before the child was shot, according to law enforcement documents.

Mary Amelia Rosborough, 31, of Chester, was arrested Thursday after her son died from a gunshot wound at a home in the Blackstock community, Fairfield County Sheriff Will Montgomery said.

Rosborough had shot a deer on Thanksgiving about an hour before his son was shot with a .243 caliber deer rifle, according to an incident report from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office obtained by The Herald.

Rosborough was trying to reload the gun after the child was shot but was attacked by his brother, according to the report. The brother rushed from another room after hearing the gunshot and found the child injured, according to the report.

The brother kept Rosborough on the ground until MPs arrived and took Rosborough into custody, the report said.

The deputies seized the rifle and ammunition, according to the incident report.

The pattern remains blurry

No motive for the shooting has been disclosed.

The shooting took place on Old Douglass Road in Blackstock, an area that straddles the county line between Chester and Fairfield. MPs from both counties responded to the house, according to reports.

Fairfield County Coroner Chris Hill said Monday he was not disclosing the name of the deceased child due to his age.

What is happening now?

Rosoborough was booked on Friday and remains in Fairfield County Jail without bond. She is charged with murder and possession of a weapon in a violent crime. She was denied bail in a criminal court hearing this weekend, according to records.

A murder conviction in South Carolina carries a 30-year life sentence.

It is not yet clear whether Rosborough will be awarded a public defender, said William Frick, 6th Circuit public defender.

The murder investigation is still ongoing by Fairfield County MPs and the state’s Law Enforcement Division, said Ryan Alphin, spokesperson for SLED. SLED is required to investigate all child deaths from unnatural deaths in South Carolina under state law.

This story was originally published November 29, 2021 5:29 pm.

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