Morgantown, West Virginia Deer Hunting Program Takes Milestone in Pantry Donations | New

MORGANTOWN, Va. (WV News) – The Town of Morgantown’s Urban Archery Deer Hunt program surpassed the 10,000-pound mark of ground venison donated to local pantries earlier this month.

“We knew there was a deer population problem and there was no solution,” said former Urban Deer Hunt volunteer coordinator Rick Bebout. “We thought we could turn the tide and create a resource for the citizens of Morgantown. Our program has helped many nonprofits, and we hope to help more in the future.

One of the recipients of the meat donations is Community Kitchen, Inc. located at 247 Willey Street. Founded in 1984, the organization’s mission is to provide hot, balanced meals five days a week while providing a safe and clean environment.

“While most residents may not realize it, urban archery deer hunting has been a huge benefit to the Morgantown area,” said Richard Dumas, volunteer cook and board member. administration of the community kitchen. “Much of the meat harvested is processed and donated to local agencies that help alleviate some of the food insecurity that exists in our community. The recent donation of over 500 pounds of meat will allow us to continue serving hot meals to those in need. “

Deer Hunt urban archery began in 2011 after it was unanimously approved to help address the deer problems prevalent in the city. An aerial infrared survey of the city limits earlier that spring showed the population greatly exceeded carrying capacity. Each year, the hunt takes place from the first Saturday of September to December 31 and the last two weeks of January.

Since 2011, the group has donated harvested meat to various nonprofits around Morgantown that help feed the community.

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