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Pune: A stray manja used to fly kites injured the throat and index finger of a biker in the left hand outside the gate of the College of Military Engineers campus in Dapodi on Monday.
The victim, Ashish Pawar, (32), an employee of a private bank residing in Bopodi, filed a complaint on Tuesday evening with the Bhosari police against unknown persons.
“I was driving home from office work on my motorbike around 5:45 pm when I felt a sharp pain in my throat. I was at a place outside the gate of the CME campus. When I checked I found it to be a kite rope. I also realized that there was also a cut on the index finger of my left hand, ”Pawar told TOI.
Pawar said he was injured from manja, the abrasive rope used for kites. “I also noticed a few boys running after the kite,” he added.
He said he was at a slow speed or could have fallen. “Also, I was wearing the helmet, because of which the throat injuries were not deep, but I sustained a deep cut on my finger,” Pawar said.
After the incident, Pawar returned home and sought treatment in a hospital. “I approached the police on Tuesday and lodged a complaint,” he said.
A Bhosari police officer said a case under section 337 (causing injury by an act endangering the life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code has been filed against people unknown. “We have launched a campaign against the stores, which sell manja illegally,” said the officer.
Death by kite rope
A 26-year-old Ayurvedic female doctor was killed after being slaughtered by a kite wire while flying over Kasarwadi in October 2018. The doctor, Krupali Nikam, a resident of Pimple Saudagar, was driving his scooter from Pune to Bhosari.
On February 7, 2018, Suvarna Mujumdar (42), who worked for the marketing department of a press house, was killed after her throat was slit by manja while she was on her scooter on the Shivaji Bridge. near the PMC building.

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