Kraven The Hunter Finally Gets The Spider-Man Sequel He Always Deserved

One of Spider-Man’s most fearsome and enigmatic villains, Kraven the Hunter, finally gets a sequel to the iconic story of Kraven’s Last Hunt.

One of Spider Manthe most fearsome yet enigmatic villains, Kraven the hunterfinally gets a sequel to the iconic Kraven’s Last Hunt script. Announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt will take readers back to a bygone era, when Peter Parker retired from Spider-Man and lived as a normal, helpless human in Portland.

Kraven is one of Spider-Man’s most compelling villains, so much so that he gets his own movie in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Sole heir to a decadent Russian noble family, Sergei Kravinoff grew up idolizing strength, honor and bravery, and found the best expression of these values ​​in hunting. After becoming the world’s greatest hunter, Sergei grew tired of big game hunting and set his sights on a new kind of prey: Spider-Man. Beaten and humiliated repeatedly by the hero, Kraven finally lost his grip on sanity during the critically acclaimed film. Kraven’s Last Hunt screenplay, by J. M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck, which saw Kraven finally better Spider-Man (after shooting him with a gun) and then killing himself. The character would later be resurrected (and then die again), but Kraven’s Last Hunt remains its most iconic story, and it finally has a sequel.


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Announced at San Diego Comic-Com during the Marvel Comics Retailer Panel, Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt is written by JM DeMatteis himself, with art by Eder Messias. The story is set during an unusual time in Spider-Man’s life, when Peter Parker retired from being a superhero and moved to Portland after mistakenly believing he was a clone and learning that Mary Jane was pregnant. During a mini-series titled Spider-Man: The Finale Adventure, Peter even lost his powers (momentarily), and that’s exactly where The lost hunt picked up. A man from Kraven’s past is stalking the Parkers, and this mysterious connection, according to Marvel Comics, will finally reveal the true origins of one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. Enjoy a cover of artist Ryan Brown’s first issue, reminiscent of an iconic scene from Kraven’s Last Hunt.


JM DeMatteis left his mark as a legendary writer in Spider-Man history. Fans must be really excited by the news that he’s taking over Spidey with a story about Kraven, how he’s gone from a B-tier villain to one of Wall-Crawler’s most iconic foes. Kraven’s Last Hunt is commonly recognized as one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all time, thanks to its deep and complex narrative that sets it apart from mainstream superhero tales. The setting of The lost hunt, however, is also very interesting. Peter and MJ’s time in Portland is a controversial topic among fans, as it was integral to the infamous Clone Saga, which DeMatteis worked extensively on. The decision to retire Peter was quickly reversed by editors, generating much confusion and frustration from fans, with DeMatteis even quitting out of creative fatigue. The lost huntso, perhaps the perfect opportunity to return to one of the most confusing periods in Spider-Man history, and perhaps answer some lingering questions and resolve some dangling plot threads.

Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt promise to rRevealing secrets and answering mysteries that Webslinger fans have been wondering about for decades. The story will explore the depths of what made Kraven the hunter one of the best Spider Man villains, just in time for its theatrical debut. Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #1 (of 5) will be available in November 2022.

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