Knives Out Deleted Scene Explains A Walt Mystery

One of the two deleted scenes from the Knives Out DVD explains the cast of Walt Thrombey’s foot and why he was so desperate to inherit the publishing company.

A deleted scene from Knives Out explains why Walt Thrombey (Michael Shannon) really has his feet in a casting, and why he was so desperate to inherit the publishing house. Knives Out was director Rian Johnson’s main follow-up success after his controversial franchise project with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, rekindling the kind of murder mystery ala Agatha Christie and Index. The film gained wide acclaim, even being nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 2020 Oscars and garnering an array of films to come. Knives Out suites with detective Benoit Blanc by Daniel Craig.

Knives Out follows the investigation into the wealthy Massachusetts Thrombey family after the patriarch, Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), is found dead of an apparent suicide. The entire family, including his children Linda and Walt, their wives, their stepdaughter Joni and their grandchildren Ransom, Meg and Jacob had gathered for Harlan’s birthday at his mansion the night before. Harlan’s family is the subject of a thorough investigation by southern private investigator Benoit Blanc and two local police officers, revealing strained relationships and evidence that makes the family murder suspects. Harlan’s nurse Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas) is revealed to have mistakenly given her the wrong dose of medicine, after which Harlan hatches a plan so that she is not blamed for her death and to prevent her family from being evicted. – but the mystery does not end there. .

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Rian Johnson includes comments on two deleted scenes on the Knives Out Blu-ray, with a scene detailing Walt’s shaded background and providing more motivation for Walt as a suspect in Harlan’s murder. The scene follows Walt’s wife, Donna, arriving at the house with a suspicious man on her porch. She immediately drops her groceries and, not knowing who he is first, explains that Walt will get his money. White then stops, questioning Donna as to why she and Walt lied about his leg injury. Walt explained that his foot was in a cast from a bicycle accident, but White pulls out hospital diaries which reveal he was actually shot in the leg and admitted at 3 a.m. are not typical cycling hours. Donna confesses that Walt was gunned down by a man he owed money to after going bankrupt in secondary investments and embezzling funds from the publishing company.

Walt was clearly a desperate character considering Knives Out showed the family’s lack of confidence in his ability to be original and only straddled his father’s success, but the deleted scene adds a layer to why he could have murdered Harlan. The scene also explains Walt’s motivation to personally intimidate Marta in her home and threaten to evict her family, considering that he was in desperate need of the company’s money to pay off his shady debts. It is likely that Harlan was already aware of Walt’s embezzlement of the company as he planned to fire him the next day, but without this scene. Knives Out gives the impression that the dismissal was due to a lack of competence.

Rian Johnson revealed in his commentary that while the scene was particularly difficult to separate, it ultimately didn’t need to be included when considering the time constraints and pace. The cut scene of Detective White and Donna allegedly happened right after the news and crew footage was presented at Marta’s and right before Walt threatened her, explaining where White is and the underlying motivation for Walt’s actions. Walt ultimately isn’t the killer, so the inclusion of the deleted scene isn’t an integral part of unraveling the mystery, but it would have been a great addition to Walt’s character deep dive and growing suspicion around the Thrombey family in Knives Out.

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