Knives Out 2: Kathryn Hahn explains why filming the Netflix movie reminded her of college

Knives out came out hot from the height of the pandemic last year and impressed with a stellar cast. Its sequel is not only on the way, but has wrapped filming and is bringing forward an all-new fantastic cast. Star Kathryn Hahn explains why the shooting the next Netflix movie with his Knives Out 2 co stars reminded him of his time at university.

Kathryn Hahn is coming off a television high right now, having appeared on several major series over the past year. His role in Wanda Vision won him an Emmybut in an interview with Weekly entertainment she also talked about her upcoming movies, one of which being Knives Out 2.

Since she’s been in the Hollywood game for a good 20 years, Kathryn Hahn apparently thought being surrounded by a cast that’s also been around for a while felt like college days. While the majority of actors can’t say they went to Yale, the feeling of filming Knives Out 2 was like seeing old college friends again. This is exactly what the actress says:

It took me back to my roots because it really felt like an old school set. It was a lot like my class at Yale. I had the same kind of affectionate feelings of love and tenderness towards everyone.

So maybe it wasn’t a real Yale reunion, it was a kind of reunion for Kathryn Hahn and Kate Hudsonwho also plays in the Knives out continued. The two worked together on How to lose a guy in 10 daysa movie that actually helped the movie that helped put Hahn on the map.

This reunion may definitely have something to do with that feel-good, nostalgic vibe Kathryn Hahn had while working on the sequel. They had never worked on a movie together before. Knives Out 2, Hahn was also reunited with fellow Marvel star Dave Bautista. Bautista is one of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Hahn practically broke the internet as Agnes/Agatha in Wanda Vision with the incredible “Agatha All Along” twist.

Interestingly enough, Kathryn Hahn and Dave Bautista aren’t the only Marvel stars in the Knives out franchise. Jessica Henwick and Edward Norton are both in the sequel and have played roles that are technically in the MCU, Colleen Wing’s iron fist and Bruce Banner/The Hulk, respectively. No, It’s Not Yale, But A Pretty Big Marvel Gathering Is Going On Knives Out 2. Also of note, Chris Evans (Captain America) was in the first Knives out.

Marvel fans will be delighted to see some very familiar faces in Knives Out 2, and may even feel the same nostalgia watching Kathryn Hahn during filming. Fans will also be excited about the upcoming Wanda Vision spin-off focusing on Hahn’s character, Agatha: House Harkness. There’s no exact release date yet for the sequel or spin-off series, but we’re excited nonetheless.

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