Knife To Meet You, now in Early Access, lets you slam an apple on a mannequin’s head through a moving cart

It’s never safe to throw knives in real life, but Knife To Meet You from developer Mate Magyar offers gamers a digital alternative through this mobile simulation game. The physics-based title encourages all knife masters to come up with the most mind-boggling styles and craziest tricks for throwing their knives and hitting the target, whether it’s in breathtaking slow-motion or just hitting the apple on the blade. head of a reluctant wooden mannequin.

Knife To Meet You features realistic physics that players will need to manipulate in order to hit different targets against a wide variety of obstacles. You can compete online at different levels and watch your work in real time, or just play for fun without worrying about breaking the world record.

You can Paste, Slice, Pierce, and Pin different objects or combine your moves for an epic combo. Challenges include hitting your target’s hat (without hitting your friend), passing a knife to a friend for team play, or throwing a reverse spin to hit the target.

There are thirty-five levels and ten training levels to challenge, as well as fifteen different weapons to tinker with (which includes a fake hand holding a knife). Future plans include a Quest system, an XP system, a survival mode, and even a randomly generated Endless Journey mode. There’s also the option of seeing a wooden dog for a ringmaster, as well as an interactive crowd that can throw tomatoes at you when they’re not happy.

If you’re curious to see how this wacky game plays out, you can take a look at the built-in trailer above to get a feel for the gameplay. For now, Knife To Meet You is in Early Access on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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