KITE e-Language Labs in more languages: Sivankutty

Although the first phase of e-language labs set up by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) in all government schools covers English, the project will also be implemented in Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, Sanskrit and Urdu. Education V. Sivankutty said.

He was speaking after Friday’s inauguration of the E3 (E-Cube) English program based on free and open-source software to improve the language skills of students at Poojappura Government Upper Primary School.

The minister said that the E-Cube English e-Language labs designed for students in grades 1 to 7 will gradually be extended to secondary and upper secondary classes as well. In order to ensure effective use of e-Language labs at the start of the next school year, computer training will be organized for all the teachers concerned in May.

The e-Language Lab software works without any specific hardware, internet or network. It can be installed easily on laptops provided by KITE in schools using Wi-Fi.

The minister said that using licensed software to provide such a facility in all schools in the state would cost around ₹800 crore. Yet the state had shown the way by using free software and without compromising on academics. This state achievement achieved through KITE would be shared with other states, the Minister said.

Students from the Government Upper Primary School, Poojappura, demonstrated the electronic language lab to the minister. K. Anvar Sadath, Managing Director of KITE, and Samagra Shiksha, Director of Kerala, Supriya AR, spoke.

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