Kaley Cuoco ‘cried all night’ after losing role to Kate Hudson

Rejection is hard for everyone. When people are left behind for a job offer, it can be a blow to the ego and the confidence deflator. And the same frustration occurs in Hollywood when A-list actors impersonate someone else for pivotal new movie roles.

Kaley Cuoco opened up about a recent rejection of hers. A role she was bluntly convinced was perfect for her ended up being played by Kate Hudson. And as Cuoco explained, it was a more than devastating rejection. She said she ‘cried all night’ after finding out she didn’t get the part Knives Out 2.

Here’s what else Cuoco had to say about his recent casting disappointment.

Who is Kaley Cuoco?

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Cuoco is from California and started her acting career at the age of six, starring in commercials and getting into modeling. His first major television role, as described by IMDb, came in the 1992 film Shifting Sands: No Escape, alongside heavyweights like Tim Matheson and Donald Sutherland. She also played “little Ellen” on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show, EllenIn 1994.

Fans will also recognize Cuoco for his roles in feature films like Virtuosity (1995,) picture perfect (1997,) and Lucky 13 (2015.) She is also a proven stage performer, with productions like fiddler on the roof and Anne under his belt. But fans might most recognize her for her incredible portrayal of Penny on the hit CBS show, The Big Bang Theory.

What she had to say about “Knives Out 2”

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Cuoco admitted to having a completely emotional reaction after being turned down for Knives Out 2. She said, “I was convinced [I had the part,]“, she confided to Glamour. She even packed her bags for Greece to start filming. But then the news came that she had lost the role. And she hasn’t lost anyone. She had been turned down for Hollywood powerhouse Kate Hudson.

Cuoco said she doesn’t normally let official casting decisions get under her skin. After all, it comes with the territory. However, she was so sure she had this upcoming role and excited to play alongside Daniel Craig that when the rejection came, it was a monster blow to her ego and confidence.

She went on to admit that her devastation made her cry. She said, “I cried, and I cried all night.” But as the fate of the cast would have it, she got the call about another opportunity the next day to Meet cute, a romantic comedy starring Pete Davidson. She picked up that part and said it was about “where you’re supposed to be,” even though she’d felt literally “gutted” the night before.

A booming career

Kaley Cuoco on April 12, 2022 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Cuoco will not be there Knives Out 2. But she has a lot to do these days. She currently plays the role of Cassie Bowden in the television series The stewardess, a new fan favorite. And she just finished The man from Toronto.

When Cuoco is not playing, she is also a talented tennis player. In fact, she ranks high in the Southern California Tennis Association rankings and is also a member of the regional amateur division team.

This last refusal of casting definitely put her in trouble. But it is clear that it has evolved since then and that it has many other projects on the horizon. His attitude towards fate and things that happen for a reason may be the best way to pursue a successful career in Hollywood these days.

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