It’s time to make your lists and double-check them as the WOMAD NZ 2022 schedule is released

Scientist Phil Lester is the author of The Vulgar Wasp and Healthy Bee, Sick Bee. Photo / Supplied

It’s not just Santa Claus making his list and double checking it right now, Womad 2022 ticket holders will likely do the same, now the PlayDay 2022 schedule has been released.

With the release of the calendar, ticket holders are now able to fully plan their Womad 2022 festival experience, making sure not to miss their must-sees.

The festival organizer works behind the scenes to minimize scheduling conflicts and ensure festival goers get the most out of the festival, with many artists performing more than once during the festival.

The festival doesn’t just feature great music, of course science, technology, engineering, arts and math are also in the spotlight, with OMVs STEAM Lab taking place throughout the festival, including full programming has now been released.

The STEAM 2022 line includes experts in their fields in everything from space and games to bees, bacteria and kites, as well as math and art.

Local Taranaki Artist Morgana Watson of 4Phase Games joins previously announced Dr Siouxsie Wiles MNZM and Dick Frizzell MNZM.

A passionate gamer and Creative Director of 4Phase Games, Morgana set out to create a Maori role-playing game (RPG) comparable to games like Tomb Raider and God of War.

Morgana and her creative team, who dot Aotearoa, realize this vision, creating a game that features the hero’s Maori culture, myths and legends.

Players will be immersed in a Maori world based on myths and legends – a fantasy, adventure and fully in te reo fighting game, with English subtitles. Different dialects will be used and there will also be “winks and winks” to various iwi.

Morgana Watson from 4Phase Games will be one of the speakers on the OMV STEAM Lab stage.  Photo / Supplied
Morgana Watson from 4Phase Games will be one of the speakers on the OMV STEAM Lab stage. Photo / Supplied

Peter Lynn and Craig Hansen of Peter Lynn Kites will share their story on the STEAM scene, talking about what happens when science meets art, through their making of the world’s largest kites.

Their kites have seen them travel the world, creating with remarkable ingenuity for characters like Disney since 1973.

Passionate educator and technologist Frances Valintine CNZM, the first and only female professor at the University of Auckland, Hinke Osinga and scientist Phil Lester, known for his work on bees and wasps, also feature in STEAM programming. 2022.

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