Is there a black market for hunter licenses?

Hunter licenses certainly seem valuable in the world of Hunter x Hunter, so how many hunters actually pass the exam just to sell their license?

In the world of Hunter x hunter, an official hunting license is one of the most sought after items. Just seeing the number of Arc Hunter Exam participants drop from almost 300 to just seven makes it clear how valuable these licenses are, yet difficult to obtain.

The series also reveals that a hunter’s license is worth several billion Jennys, which is enough to settle down and their entire family for a lifetime. Let’s try to figure out how many new hunters pass the exam so that they can sell their license for a profit.

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Hunter x hunter

There are many advantages that make a license so desirable in Hunter x hunter. With a hunter’s license, 95% of public facilities are free to use, 90% of countries with heavy travel restrictions are fully available to cross, 75% of areas closed to the general public are free for hunters to venture , legal consequences for initiating the murders are greatly reduced and exclusive access to Hunter websites containing hidden information is granted. It’s a long list of features that could be of great use to anyone, good or bad. Plus, it doesn’t matter if the license was stolen or paid for – all you need is to own one and you’ll have the same level of freedom as a hunter who got his license through the exam.

The hunter exam takes place every year, which means there is only one opportunity per year for permits to reach the public. Plus, licenses can never be replaced if lost or stolen, so there’s no second chance if you’re reckless with it. Hunter x hunter didn’t give much information on previous exams and the number of successful candidates, but it looks like it could go from just one new hunter to around six or seven.

It’s easy to see why anyone would want a hunter’s license, so exactly how many of these sought-after treasures end up on the black market each year? Statistically, it is stated that one in five new hunter loses their license each year, but it is not clear if this includes the stolen card the hunter decided to sell or if it was simply misplaced.

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Hunter licenses can cost around several billion Jenny on the black market, which is probably worth even more for single, double, and triple star-rated Hunter cards. For reference, in Hunter x hunterthe economy of, a canned soda is about 150 Jenny. In the official translation of the manga by Viz Media, $ 1 is worth about 134 Jenny. Obtaining and selling a single license would be more than enough to financially prepare a person for life.

It’s easy to see what makes a hunting license so coveted Hunter x hunterworld, and these coveted treasures surely end up on the black market every now and then. The most likely example would probably be during the underground auction organized by the Mafia community during the Yorknew City arc, as such valuable items are auctioned there. A hunter’s license has undoubtedly made a few opportunistic sellers very wealthy at one point. It is also understandable that some would want to sell their license – the lifestyle of a hunter is after all extremely difficult and dangerous.

Still, characters like Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio would never trade their hunter’s licenses for cash. Of the seven new applicants who passed the exam in the anime’s first arc, none of them showed any interest in selling their license for profit. Hunter x hunter makes it clear that hunters always want something more and that what these three want can’t be achieved with all the Jennys in the world.

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