Inside a city tower ravaged by ’24/7 issues’ – where blood stains walls and children carry knives

Blood smeared on the walls, schoolchildren smoking cannabis in their school uniforms and “cocaine addicts” harassing neighbors to buy stolen goods for their next drug hit.

It’s life inside Bournville’s Infernal Tower where neighbors have “no peace” and are gripped by “constant fear of being stabbed” as their home is ravaged by anti-social behavior ” 24/7 “.

A 28-year-old woman, who was too scared to name, recounted how intimidating young people tried to attack her after she confronted them for urinating in the stairwell at Ascot Court.

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She was also forced to dial 999 after a boy was robbed at the tip of a knife for drugs inside the Abdon Avenue skyscraper.

“There is blood on the walls, the landing of the stairs, the alley to access the landing,” she told BirminghamLive in an attempt to highlight the issues.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, it’s terrible, it’s a nightmare, I wouldn’t even expect a dog to live in this place.

“We pay £ 12 a month each for the guards. They’ve cleaned up a bit, but they don’t want to touch it.”

Blood smears on the walls of Ascot Court Tower, Bournville

The problems, leaving residents unable to “get the peace,” have arisen over the past 12 months when so-called “crack addicts” have been moved to the block, she said.

Now, as Christmas approaches, drug addicts are “taking more cocaine than ever before” and harassing neighbors for the money they can get their hands on.

In return, they are offering stolen goods ranging from a bottle of vodka for £ 8 to a pair of curtains they stole from local supermarkets.

“People are really worried about leaving their apartment right now,” she explains.

“They fear going to work or leaving their wives with the children because the [addicts] shoplifting like there’s no tomorrow, always trying to sell you this, that, and the other.

“They’re trying to sell all kinds of things, name it; liquor, curtains, whatever they can possibly buy in local stores, like Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl.

“They will try to sell it for half the price, but if they are shaking, dying to take drugs, they will sell it even less.”

For example, a bottle of vodka, they would sell for £ 15, but if they were in desperate need of their next shot, they would sell it for £ 8.

“They all party in each other’s apartments, it’s every night, every day. There’s one that encourages school kids to come in,” she says.

The youngest, she says, is around eight years old.

“They try to burn the block, they break the windows, they made piles of them”, adds the resident who is fed up.

Blood was left on the door

“They were aggressive, they tried to rush me down the stairs because they urinated in the OR.

“I confronted them. I said ‘a little respect because none of you live here.’ As soon as you confront them, they don’t like it because they are in a group. I asked them. to go and things got a little heated up.

“They were in attack mode. I went down and I actually got a wooden stick because there were 12-14 of them, and only one of me – and they have knives.”

The young people, who “all carry knives and smoke cannabis in their school uniforms,” ​​smashed windows and smashed down people’s doors as well, she explains.

The fire damage to the ceilings is proof of the thugs’ unsuccessful attempts to “set the block on fire,” she adds.

Burn marks on the ceiling when young people tried to “set fire to the block”

Recalling another terrifying incident in November, she said: “One of the children was robbed for drugs. They brought drugs, then they were robbed at knife point. It all started, there were so many of them.

“The inhabitants got involved to get them out. We have children in this block, people with disabilities. I called the police that day.

“They were all rushing over to the landing and it all started, we didn’t know if anyone was getting stabbed.

“I am worried about safety, we could end up being stabbed.”

If residents are lucky, they will sleep for about an hour while the parties continue until about 3-4 a.m. each morning, BirminghamLive has been told. Hard-working parents then start leaving for work at 5 a.m., with the doors slamming constantly.

“It’s stressful, we don’t sleep, you want to fuck all the time,” she said.

“For a 28 year old man, I have the biggest bags under your eyes that you will ever see – and I have never had bags.

“I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, but nothing is working. A few months ago, I just broke down, it was at this point, I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Not only do residents have antisocial behaviors to put up with on a daily basis, the tenant says there are also rats and people throwing garbage out of windows.

Ascot Court suffers from antisocial behavior and conflict between neighbors

Used needles are often thrown on the grass outside, next to the litter boxes of residents who “can’t be disturbed” to take out their trash cans.

“We also have rats in the block, they are in the apartments, they are under the baths. There are holes under the property, they are massive but the town hall will not fill them”, she explains.

“The bins are not even changed regularly. There is a couple who don’t bother to take out their trash, they prefer to throw them out the windows.

“It’s not just this block, other blocks have had issues with the same.”

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She spoke about how “beautiful” and “beautiful” the area was, but now dog walkers and retirees are actively avoiding approaching the block on their daily errands.

“Over six years ago this neighborhood and this neighborhood were lovely.

“You would see the old people going out in the morning to do their regular groceries, all regular dog walkers, that was perfect. Until they started bringing back those crack heads, the slope went downhill.

“All the regulars have changed their routines, dog walkers all meet at some point because of these kids and because they don’t want to be hassled by going to the store.”

Council “takes incidents of anti-social behavior seriously”

Birmingham City Council said it was working with the warden to resolve issues and reports of anti-social behavior were “taken seriously”.

A statement from the authority said: “The Birmingham City Council housing manager covering Bournville Tower is working with the estate warden to resolve issues related to the block.

“Incidents of antisocial behavior are taken seriously and we are working closely with residents and relevant agencies to resolve the issues raised.”

The police increase their patrols

When asked by BirminghamLive about the ongoing issues, West Midlands Police said they had stepped up patrols in the Abdon Avenue area.

Sgt Simon Wheeler, Northfield Riding, said: “Our local Weoley Castle team is investigating ongoing issues of anti-social behavior and crime in the Abdon Avenue area, following reports from residents. “

A contextual “police surgery” on Wednesday, December 22 will also be set up from 10 a.m. at the Church of Our Lady and Saint Rose of Lima in Weoley Castle for residents to express their concerns.

There they can pass on information about who they think might be involved in the cause of the ongoing problems.

A picture of the police

Sgt Wheeler added, “Our team is also working closely with Birmingham City Council staff, and we are organizing a joint visit of officers, local housing officers and other partners, to determine what can be done. to resolve issues reported to us. .

“Officers are also aware of a number of neighborly disputes and the local team liaises with council staff to resolve these issues and put in place any necessary interventions.

“So if residents want to talk about the issues they are facing, they can chat with us at the pop-up police station next Wednesday.

“But if they can’t come, or if they want to get in touch sooner, they can contact the Weoley team by emailing them at [email protected]

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