I fake the liver hunt in New York

If you haven’t seen my blog saga on Liverking, this one is as prime as it gets.

Liverking recently visited New York and, as he would have liked, being the Primal who conducts mock hunts, I am currently (simulating) hunting him on the streets of New York.

Thing is, once Liverking found out he was being chased, he decided to engage security. I think it’s kinda dumb that a Primal Caveman needs security. If you are going to conduct mock hunts in New York, you should expect to be mock hunted. This is Wild Bill’s Jungle, if you come to my territory, Primal, then you can’t expect to be the best predator around.

Bodyguards cheat, I don’t think cavemen really had bodyguards on their hunts. So how am I supposed to conduct a simulated hunt when I’ll be thwarted by bodyguards the second I pounce on my simulated prey. That’s when I decided that Primals might not have domesticated dogs yet, but if he was going to have bodyguards, bringing a pet with me on my hunts is right. . It’s more primal than bodyguards.

Two days of mock Liverking hunting on the streets of the city were unsuccessful. The Liverking was smart, it never displayed where it was when it was displayed. He was always 3 steps ahead of posting videos of other times of the week. For such a great simulated hunter, he was even better at being simulated prey.

Adjusting to his surroundings to use the subway to escape was smart. Dogs are not allowed on the metro.

That’s when I decided the best way to fake hunting Liverking was to actually trap him.

Bone marrow and liver. It’s his favorite. It should work. The mock hunt may be coming to an end. I haven’t eaten for three days to simulate fruitless hunts. If you have unsuccessful hunts, you don’t eat. The hungrier you are, the better you become at hunting. Stay safe, Primals. Liverking… I pretend to come for you.

Nose to tail, Liverking, like I told you. I’m going to pretend to eat you nose to tail.

-Wild Bill outside.

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