I am a “Bond Girl with a body of Marilyn Monroe”

Ana de Armas is one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars, an actress who made a name for herself in Cuban films before moving on to American films. With several big movies on the horizon, including a starring role in No time to die, Daniel Craig’s latest film as James Bond, many fans are discovering de Armas’ work for the first time – and getting to know all the details of his big year. In an interview in 2019, as de Armas was just becoming a big name, the actor opened up about some of his upcoming projects, revealing his thoughts on Knives Out and her biopic on Marilyn Monroe.

Ana de Armas had her big decisive role in “Knives Out”

De Armas was born in 1988, and by the time she was a teenager she knew she wanted to pursue an acting career. After a string of successful roles in Cuban-Spanish films, de Armas moved to Los Angeles, where she landed roles in films such as Knock Knock and Dogs of war. In 2017, de Armas appeared in the big budget film Blade Runner 2049 – but it wasn’t until she starred in Rian Johnson’s comedy-drama in 2019 Knives Out that she truly became a powerful Hollywood actress.

In Knives Out, de Armas played nurse Marta Cabrera, showcasing her lineup and ability to direct both comedy and drama. She even got a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. In a 2019 interview with the LA Times, de Armas admitted that she was very impressed with the script for Knives Out, specifying that the character of Marta was written at the same time as multi-layered and complex: “Usually, when you are Latina, what is generally put forward, it is not necessarily the most positive qualities. These characters, they don’t exist.

Ana de Armas simultaneously shot “Blonde” and “No Time to Die”

Ana de Armas | Nicola Dove / DANJAQ, LLC / MGM

It was de Armas’ role in Knives Out that indirectly led to his role in the James Bond film No Time to Die. The actor revealed to the LA Times that Paloma’s role in the Bond film was tailor-made for her, just months after starring with Daniel Craig in Knives Out. Originally, de Armas said she planned to film No time to die, followed by a work on his biopic on Marilyn Monroe, Blond. However, a series of circumstances that included Daniel Craig’s injury and the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) ultimately led to de Armas filming the two films almost back to back.

“It was a little crazy, because the two characters’ physique is so different, and their state of mind,” de Armas told the LA Times. “I have never done such intense work, research and preparation as with Marilyn. I never did – or will do – something like this ever again. “De Armas pointed out that the programming of the shoot ended so she had to go directly to the set of No time to die almost immediately after packaging Blond, joking “Then I’ll be a Bond girl with a Marilyn Monroe body.”

What’s next for Ana de Armas?

Ultimately, Blond has been delayed further, with a current release date set at 2022, while No time to die is currently showing in theaters. For de Armas, things are only heating up, although the actor revealed in his 2019 LA Times interview that she had been hoping for a little hiatus after filming his big projects. “I don’t know for how long, but I feel like it’s time to get out of here,” de Armas said, admitting that she would like to spend time with her family in Havana. For now, with a plethora of promotional opportunities and filming projects on his agenda, it may be some time before de Armas gets that downtime.

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